Glasgow’s Kassidy were another of Vic’s 50 Scottish bands to watch this year and they are already starting to build a following outside the UK. The band have a couple of Irish shows coming up and they’ve also just been confirmed for the Cariban Festival in Switzerland. Dear Scotland recently spoke to Kassidy’s Lewis Andrew:

Dear Scotland: Where are you now and what did you do last night?
Kassidy: We are in Glasgow, last night we rehearsed for a gig which was cancelled.

Dear Scotland: Paul McCartney said he got into music to avoid a job – and get lots of girls. What made you get into music?
Kassidy: We didnt intentionally try to get into music for any reasons, things just worked out. But we’re not complaining about not having a job.

Kassidy – Night in the Box


DS: What is your favourite song of yours to play right now?
Kassidy: It’s too hard to choose. It’s like choosing a favourite child, it’s not fair on the other ones.

DS: You’re touring the UK a lot right now and heading to Ireland at the end of May, are there any other places outside the UK that you’d like to play?
Kassidy: We would love to travel to places we have never thought we would ever go. It’s an adventure we are really enjoying and we will go wherever it takes us.

DS: Do you feel more Scottish when you are abroad, or do you adapt well to new places? Anything you miss about Scotland?
Kassidy: I guess sometimes when your accent pierces out as not being local you cant help it, but so far, out of everywhere we’ve travelled, we’ve not been seen as foreigners or anything. If we are away playing shows and meeting new people there’s nothing better than that.

Kassidy – Stray Cat


DS: What will be your first words on stage at the Oxegen Festival later this summer?
Kassidy: We dont talk on stage, at the moment our opening line we sing is ironically ‘Go back to where you came from’.

DS: What is your favourite youtube clip?
Kassidy: At the moment, I love watching a clip of Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles singing ‘A Song For You’. It’s incredible you should check it out.

Ray Charles – Song For You (with Leon Russell & Willie Nelson)


DS: Are there any Scottish musicians, past or present, that have influenced you?
Kassidy: Not too many. Donovan was a great Scottish musician who we love but inspiration just comes from each other.

DS: What should the Scottish national anthem be?
Kassidy: I guess Donovan’s Atlantis would be nice.

Donovan – Atlantis


What is the best after-show experience you’ve had?
Kassidy: We always see last years T in the Park as a big step for us. We had only played small venues with each other tightly stood together but at that stage we were all about 4 foot away from each other. The sound was great, the crowd were too and the vibe was there.

DS: And finally, many many years from now, when you finish your farewell world tour, is there one place to where you would like to retire?
Kassidy: Retire?

Kassidy – T in the park


UK tour dates at the band’s myspace page

International tour dates below.

Photo Credit: Kassidy