Wow, these lists get longer every year… sorry, but it just shows how much World-Class shizzle is out there from Scotland just now. Try and check out these guys over the next 12 months – there’s massive range of styles from Indie to Dubstep to Hardcore to Acoustic songwriters to Electronica and Hip-Hop.

Get your listening equipment around this lot… in no particular order:

Kid Adrift
Paper Planes
North Atlantic Oscillation
Simon Doherty
Silver Columns
Other People
Akira Kiteshi (and the AK Kids)
Cast of the Capital

Kitty the Lion
Kobi Onyame
Older Lover
AmericanMen (and the ‘Luckyme’ Collective)
The Agitator
Django Django
The Scottish Enlightenment (see video)
United Fruit

Miaoux Miaoux (and Maple Leaves)
French Wives
RM Hubbert
Lord Cut Glass
Indian Red Lopez
Copyhaho (see photo)
Drums of Death

Lord Rochester
The Seventeenth Century
Cuddly Shark
Loops Haunt
Olympic Swimmers
Sola Perplexus (and the ‘Audiodacity’ Crew)
Three Blind Wolves
Ben Butler and Mousepad
John B. McKenna

Fur Hood
Pearl & the Puppets
Brother Louis Collective
Sci-Fi Stu
This Familiar Smile
The Stark Palace (and the ‘Shark Batter’ Posse)
X Lion Tamer

Also remember, 2010 will see new album releases by Frightened Rabbit, Codeine Velvet Club, Errors, Findo Gask and Super Adventure club – all of which should be awesome!

If you don’t see your favourite new band in this blog, check my ‘artists to watch in 2009 and 2008 as they’ll most probably be there. If not, leave a wee comment with your tips below…

Happy New Year Y’all! Here’s to another year of blinding music – forget the X-factor and all these Karaoke chancers… listen to the good stuff!


Vic xxx

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Photo credit: Copy Haho via BBC