Frightened Rabbit have just announced a mini tour of Australia for later this month which includes a pun-writer’s dream show with Echo & The Bunnymen in Sydney. It appears that hare bands are still very popular in Australia. You’re welcome. Tickets are on sale now:

Frightened Rabbit’s much anticipated third album, ‘The Winter of Mixed Drinks‘,  will be released on March 1st in the UK and March 9th in the U.S. on Fat Cat, ahead of another appearance at the SXSW festival in Austin. Watch new videos below and read an excerpt from a recent interview where Scott Hutchison spoke to Captain Obvious about the new album:

Obvious: Much of the lyrical content on The Midnight Organ Fight was metaphorically driven and paralleled a broken relationship with the atrophy of the human body. Have you noticed any recurring lyrical themes on the newly recorded album?

Hutchison: The body stuff is still in there, but the overriding theme seems to be the sea this time round – I recorded most of the demos in a tiny village on the East coast of Scotland, so it seeped into the music. I think it’s less directly about me – my life’s been eventful over the past year, but pleasantly so. I had to move more into storytelling than on the last record, and the result is a bit more oblique.

Obvious: I’ve read that the band’s name stems from you not being entirely comfortable with social situations as a child. You seem very comfortable on stage. Can you expound a bit on that juxtaposition between your public persona as the lead singer of a band and your personal, more private persona? How does meeting and interacting with fans play into this?

Hutchison: I love meeting fans. Frightened Rabbit fans are all fucking awesome people, which helps. I think the stage persona thing took me by surprise too, but ever since my first show as a solo performer, I’ve felt confident that what I’m doing is worth something and that helps with the confidence thing. However, if you throw me into a party full of strangers, I’ll still struggle to make small talk.

Obvious: You just finished an American tour with fellow Scots and labelmates The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks. How was that experience and how do American audiences compare to those in Scotland?

Hutchison: They are actually surprisingly similar. Our audiences here in Scotland have a sense of national pride in their own bands, and that comes across when you play a live show here. There’s nowhere in the world that matches that. The level of excitement on this US tour was great, though. It was such a great bill and I’m a massive fan of both of those bands – I was as excited as anyone else about watching the shows night after night. It felt like a big fun school trip.

Scott Hutchison was talking to Captain Obvious on 10/10/09. Full interview here.

Interview with BeatCast TV

Nothing Like You (Acoustic)

Swim Until You Can’t See Land – Live on Vic Galloway’s Show


Walking in the Air – Live on Vic Galloway’s Show


Thanks to Peenko for these videos.

Photo Credit: GolfPunkGirl