…Derek Forbes, according to the readers of Dear Scotland. Many thanks to the thousands of new visitors to the site in the past week who voted. Derek joins Stuart Adamson and Paul Thomson in Dear Scotland’s Greatest Ever Supergroup. Some great DF moments below:

Despite the final percentages, this was a fairly close vote between all five of these great Scottish musicians until yesterday. All of the nominees actually led the poll at one time or another until Derek Forbes began to stretch out a lead over the weekend.

Then, with less than 24 hours until the poll closed, an army of Dougie Payne fans emerged from nowhere (or perhaps from www.travisonline.com) to sweep the Travis man into first place by yesterday afternoon. But in the end it was Derek Forbes, the Simple Minds, Propaganda and FourGoodMen bassist, who emerged victorious.

All is not lost for Dougie Payne though as there has been some chatter on twitter about a spin-off band featuring the musicians who have finished in 2nd place in each of the Dear Scotland polls.

Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite, our 2nd greatest guitarist, suggested this band should be called the “second bests” or “the runners up” , whereas our 2nd greatest drummer, Errors’ James Hamilton, preferred “The Silver Medals” .

Suggestions are now welcome for Scotland’s Greatest Ever Vocalist but in the meantime congratulations to the immortal Derek Forbes. Thanks for 30 years of beautiful music:

Simple Minds – ‘King Is White And In The Crowd’, 1982


Simple Minds – ‘Waterfront’, 1984


Propaganda – ‘Murder of Love’, 1985


Derek Forbes – ‘I Travel’, 2008


Photo Credit: Phillipe Carly, New Wave Photos