…Paul Thomson of Franz Ferdinand, according to the readers of Dear Scotland (and a few thousand new visitors). Congratulations to Paul who joins guitarist Stuart Adamson in our Greatest Ever Scottish Supergroup.

After the first day or so of voting, James Hamilton of Errors had a clear lead in the polls. However, within the space of two hours on Friday, Paul Thomson received over three hundred new votes and there was no looking back from there. This influx of votes might have something to do with a tweet from a certain Mr. A. Kapranos on Friday morning saying :

“Poll: Who is Scotland’s Greatest Ever Drummer? Time to vote: https://dearscotland.com/about/“.

Alex Kapranos on Twitter, November 19th at 11:31am

James Hamilton said in an interview with Dear Scotland last week, that it felt “absolutely fantastic” to be nominated so he’s probably not too upset with being Scotland’s second greatest ever drummer.

Or perhaps we could take up Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai’s idea who wrote suggested to Alex Kapranos:

“I think Paul and james should have a drum war to decide this. I’d buy a ticket for that!!”

Stuart Braithwaite on Twitter, November 20th at 2:01pm

Franz Ferdinand’s Kapranos responded:

“Yeah, a drum-off. Only way to decide it.”

Alex Kapranos on Twitter, November 20th at 2:45pm

Maybe there is a promoter out there who wants to get this ready to rumble?

As requested by commenter Gnagy, here’s a clip of Paul Thomson playing ‘Outsiders’ on ‘Later…”.

This one’s for the drummers. More Paul Thomson news tomorrow too.


Suggestions now welcome for Scotland’s Greatest Ever Bassist

Photo credit : BlackMagicPlastic