The Twilight Sad continue to blaze their way across the world in support of their latest album ‘Forget the Night Ahead’. Having survived the FatCat Scotland US tour, the band are currently in Europe before finishing the year with two intimate shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Full details below.

Full details of the European dates are below. The band will also play The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh on December 15th and Sleazys in Glasgow on December 16th. A few tickets are still available for the Edinburgh gig here.

Singer James Graham recently reflected on their successful US tour with labelmates and fellow Scots We Were Promised Jetpacks and Frightened Rabbit:

Captain Obvious: Martin Docherty, formerly of Aereogramme, has been playing keyboard and some guitar for you during live shows. How has having an extra member changed the way you approach your live performances and will Dok become a permanent member of The Twilight Sad?

Graham: It has given Andy a lot more freedom to focus on the main guitar parts as before he was playing two or three parts at a time. Dok plays the guitar, organ, and loops, so it fills out the sound a lot more than the early days when it was just the four of us. We knew we needed someone else to be in the live band as we knew we couldn’t play the new songs on our own and we were just lucky that Dok was around and a fan of the band and most importantly he was also a friend so we knew he would fit in. At the moment Dok is in the live band and we haven’t really talked about him joining the band as we have been so busy, but I’m sure when we get the time to discuss it, it will get sorted as he is very much a big part of this band now.

Obvious: You recently toured with Frightened Rabbit and We Were Promised Jetpacks (who you’re still touring with). How was it having an all-Scot tour?

Graham: Right now I’m sitting in Ann Arbor and we have 2 more gigs until we go home and I suppose it’s a good time to reflect on the past month and what’s happened. The first half of the tour was amazing as we were good friends with Frightened Rabbit and we haven’t had a lot of time to hang out back home as we have both been so busy. So it was great to drink, watch them play, and just hang out with them. The shows were nearly all sold out and it was just a good time all around. We didn’t really know the Jetpacks that well before coming over but they have become really good friends as well. They are one of the most consistent bands I have ever seen. They seem to kill it every night. The shows that we have headlined have been amazing too. They’ve nearly all sold out and for a small Scottish band from Glasgow that’s pretty mind-blowing for us. So there has been a lot of drinking and good times!

Obvious: After spending time with you and the other bands on your recent tour, I catch myself saying “You booze, you lose” in a feigned Scottish accent more than I’d like to admit. Have you picked up any lingo or mannerisms from fans on your latest American tour?

Graham: Not really. We just teach our American friends our fucked up ways of saying things. Esteban, our tour manager, Steven, our sound guy, and Terry, our bus driver, have slowly learned how to understand us. They have all now started using our Scottish slang in everyday life. As for “you booze, you lose,” that term is used a lot, especially when we’re Manky (Scottish word for drunk)!

Extracted from interview by Captain Obvious, October 11, 2009. Full interview here


Photo Credit: WOXY