Three of Scotland’s most powerful and exciting new bands have announced that they will be touring in America together this autumn. The Twilight Sad will be joined by label mates Frightened Rabbit and We Were Promised Jetpacks for many of the dates on the West Coast. See tour dates and buy tickets below.

All three bands are signed to FatCat Records and it is very likely that further dates will be announced so check back regularly for the latest news. Frightened Rabbit are currently on tour now and will be in New York and Chicago this week. We Were Promised Jetpacks will be in Europe before they head out to America. Full tour dates below.

Two years ago, The Twilight Sad emerged from the Glaswegian underground with Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters, a record that shook the foundations of corporate rock and re-invigorated a scene many thought had long passed its sell-by date. Since then, the band have been busy writing, demoing and subsequently recording their new long player, Forget The Night Ahead, which is due for release in the third week of September:

Your new album is due out in September. What can you tell us about it?
Well I can tell you that the title is definitely going to be Forget The Night Ahead for starters, because I was doing an interview a few days ago with Pitchfork and the interviewer told me what the title was. I asked him “How do you know this?”, and he said that our publicist had told him! I was quite taken aback at the time, as we hadn’t really discussed when we were going to reveal much about the record. You know, we’re not into making big announcements and stuff, we’d rather just have told everybody when we were ready. We recorded it in the same place as last time with Paul Savage (The Delgados) who also mixed it, our guitarist Andy (MacFarlane) produced it, and basically we think it’s a big step forward for us.

What do the rest of the band think of the lyrics? Do they have any input regarding the subject matter, particularly if the words directly (or indirectly) reference them?
We don’t really talk about it that much. Me and Andy always write together to begin with and I always filter my stuff through him, and nine times out of ten he’s happy with it. When we’re trying to come up with song titles me and Andy will bounce ideas off each other, and sometimes we’ll arrive at a name that may have absolutely nothing to do with the song’s lyrical content whatsoever. Sometimes Andy will take the piss out of me a wee bit! He’ll come up with alternate versions of songs which I guess relieves the tension, but aside from moments like that we never really discuss what the songs are about to be honest.

There’s been quite a huge focus on Glasgow’s music scene over the past couple of years, possibly emanating from your initial success and continuing via your label mates Frightened Rabbit and We Were Promised Jetpacks. Do you think that carries an extra weight of responsibility for the band?
In some ways. I mean, we don’t want to be seen as “the nearly men”. That might seem like a really crass statement but I do love this band and I genuinely believe we’re better than 99% of the shit that gets released these days, and I don’t see anything wrong in having that attitude either. I have to chuckle when people comment on Scotland being the hub of new music when in all honesty for every good band there are probably fifty shite ones!

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