The Vaselines were on Vic’s Radio Scotland show recently and Eugene Kelly said Sao Paolo was “like the Gorbals with a suntan”. Glaswegians Primal Scream should feel right at home then at the Planeta Terra Festival next month in Brazil. Oh and if you like Primal Scream and football you must watch the video below.

Primal Scream will share the stage in Sao Paolo with Sonic Youth, Maximo Park and Iggy and the Stooges. Full show details are below. Last year Bobby and Mani were on top form when they gave an  interview to Clash Magazine about supporting England, being on tour and the Primal Scream Trojan Horse:

Clash: So ninth album, you kinda gotta go for ten now don’t you?

BOBBY: Well Celtic did nine championships in a row… It’s a Gary Glitter song ‘nine in a row, nine in a row’
MANI: Long may it continue. The music is just flowing out of us at the minute.
BOBBY: Somebody told me the other day that when we go back to Japan and play Mount Fuji …it will be the sixty seventh gig and we’ve been there sixteen times…
MANI: Lets make it a European cup winning sixty seventh then.

Clash: Have you managed to come round and start supporting England then yet Bobby?

BOBBY: No, no I don’t support England.
MANI: I support football, that’s why I don’t support England, coz they are shit.
BOBBY: I support a wife and two kids.

Clash: It seems to have been quite a smooth transition from this album to the next, it has been pretty quick. How are you feeling now that it’s out? What’s the perspective on it?

MANI: Do you know what, for ‘Riot City Blues’, we recorded that pretty quick and went straight on tour and just decided we didn’t want to stop because we felt that good about what was happening amongst the band you know, so you know, we were fucking smoking last year and we just wanted to continue with it and keep the energy going instead of going off to Gloustershire making cheese at the fucking cheese factory you know?
BOBBY: We toured ‘Riot City Blues’ up to December 2006, January 2007 and we were back in the studio writing. This album was written by September, October last year and we recorded the first two songs, we recorded ‘Beautiful Future’ and ‘Can’t Go Back’ with Paul Epworth.

Clash: And did you write them on the tour?

BOBBY: No, we never write on tour. You hear of those bands that do… no no we don’t, we are too busy.
MANI: Every afternoon it’s like ‘lets book some studio time’. Yeah right!
BOBBY: You know what, I think that when you are on tour you are there to play live, and your whole being, your whole day, your whole energy going into that hour and half on stage every night so it’s all about psyching yourself up and getting ready to perform well to the people that come to see you and to, you know, play well. So I don’t really see a place for writing songs on the tour.
MANI: You can get inspired, or get an idea that stays logged in there.
BOBBY: The band might do something on a sound check and play in a different rhythm or something or somebody hits a riff and you think ‘oh that’s fucking good, that’s a bit different, better remember that’ but you know, sitting in a room after a gig with an acoustic guitar, no not for us.

Clash: ‘Beautiful Future’ is obviously quite a cast to the upbeat?

MANI: The overall vibe for me is just about enjoying being together and enjoying playing music. That’s it you know, we love being with each other, and what better thing in life that to just ponce around a room and fucking make rock and roll music? It’s great.
BOBBY: Our world view hasn’t changed. We are affected by the culture, affected by everything that happens. It’s in the album, it’s in our music, it’s in our songs.

Clash: There’s only so long that you can be disparaging about the world, and obviously…

BOBBY: You should listen to the record then, its not like everything is bright and rosy and beautiful. It’s not love, peace, and flowers kind of hippy thing. We had a great hit record last year and we feel great, it’s a punk record. It’s a view of things. It’s very strongly put across in this record.
MANI: We don’t do smug and contented.
BOBBY: We don’t like the way things are, and you know what? We are writing about it and singing about it you know?
MANI: Once again, I am going to use this one, eh, the Primal Scream Trojan horse comes rolling out. People think you get one thing and it sounds a certain way, but if they dig a little deeper people will find out there’s something else going on underneath it.
BOBBY: It’s bubblegum with razor blades in it. That’s my little phrase.

Bobby and Mani were talking to Matthew Bennet, Clash Magazine, 7/8/2008. Full article here.

Planeta Terra Festival

But more than anything, this post is just a perfect excuse to show you this amazing film:

Brazil 1970. The Sexiest Kick-Off with music by Primal Scream. It all makes sense now.


Photo credit: Stefano Masselli