Sons and Daughters will play their only international show this summer at the Co Jest Grane Festival in Warsaw, Poland, later this month. Not unlike Dear Scotland, the band’s latest album “This Gift” unashamedly offers glimpses of a romanticized Scotland; a result of the band spending so much time out of the country, on the road.

Interview with David Gow, drummer.

Has hailing from Glasgow dictated the style of music that you produce or would you sound like you do no matter where you hail from?

I think we’d be very similar in style to what we are now, if only for the fact that we all hail from different areas in Scotland anyway. The music we make is purely a mix of our influences from everywhere, and is not really a product of Glasgow particularly. That said, Glasgow is such a great place to start a band, because it’s pretty easy to get a gig and find some like minded people; As long as you’re any good.

What does producing music mean to you? Is their a cathartic element to your songs?

I think the song writing is one of the most satisfying parts to being in a band, along with recording and playing live. It’s a great feeling to be in the middle of creating something that everyone thinks is good to play. When the realisation hits everyone that a song is nearly finished, it’s brilliantly exciting. There’s a cathartic element to playing live too, it’s definitely a release to play a song that we’ve been working on for a while, and seeing whether people actually enjoy it or not.

If you could change one thing about the modern music industry what would be?

I really hated the way the major corporations and the RIAA dealt with people downloading music and sharing files. It was fucking ridiculous when an eight year old girl was fined $20,000 in the States because she’d downloaded a bunch of nursery rhymes. We’ve never had a technology that has brought so much access to music for so many people, and it was entirely typical and laughable when these companies started spitting teeth because they’d missed the boat. Never mind the fact that their music catalogues were being heard by more people than ever before.

How do you want the public to remember Sons and Daughters’ music?

We want the world at large to remember us as a good live band that never took any shit and never jumped on any band-wagons.

David Gow was talking to Contact Music

Sons and Daughters are scheduled to play the Co Jest Grane Festival in Warsaw on July 31, 2009, before returning to Scotland to play the Tartan Heart Belladrum Festival on August 8th. Tour dates and video below. Random fact: the song “Gilt Complex”, featured below, can also be heard on the EA Sports NHL ’09 video game.


photo credit : Stefano Masseli