Snow Patrol have added more dates to their upcoming European tour to take in Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands as a nice little warm up for their gig at Bellahouston Park on June 12th. Full details below along with some of Gary’s favourite viral videos at the moment:

Gary Lightbody recently shared the following videos and bands with fans on the Snow Patrol website. There are a couple of crackers in there:


Ok you got to share the things you love. Here are the things I love right now:


The funniest man alive. Loads of stuff on the internet about him. Here’s a wee bit from his Conan interview by way of introduction but seriously type his name in on youtube and laugh your ass off. Not for the fainthearted though. You were warned.


Everything Everything
A marvellous band from Manchester. They remind me of the joy I had when I heard SFA’s Fuzzy Logic for the first time. A wondrous thing to be sure. Love them good. Start with Photoshop Handsome. I wouldn’t stop there though. More here…

Funny or die
Or more specifically Zack Galifanakis on the Funny or die site. His Between Two Ferns interviews have to be seen to be believed. God I love this man! The new one with Ben Stiller is a belter. Still can’t quite be sure it’s not serious. It can’t be surely? Of course not. Can it? Nah? Start with this one but watch them all. There’s about 8 up there now.

Mariachi El Bronx
Loved the Bronx. Think I love the Mariachi version even more. Surely no band have ever made such a brave left turn before. I mean some people will offer up Radiohead but come on! That was a departure sure but Kid A was still clearly the same band at least. This though. Formidable. Check out Litigation. Phew. More here…

Food inc
Watch it. Seriously. Schools should be made to watch it in health class. If such a class exists. If not one should be introduced. It should include diet, cooking, sex ed, exercise and meditation. Wish my school taught any or all of those. More here…

Jamie Oliver –
He now has a new show over here (am in the states right now) in which he tries to go a little way towards save the Americans from the fast food culture which is ironically eating them and the UK for that matter alive. (an amazing site that should be explored) gave him an award for his efforts. This is his presentation upon winning the award. The show is good too but I can’t give you that for free. I’d be naughty if I did. His vid though is illuminating. More here…

Jonsi – go
New album from the Sigur Ros singer. Am sure a lot of you have it or have heard something of it but I can’t stop listening to it. Angelic, interstellar genius. Here’s the beautiful video to Go Do.


Magic wands – warrior
Incredibly sexy electro stomp. Makes me want to dance. Good for me. Bad for dancing. More here…
Local natives – gorilla manor
Another record of a consistent spinning nature in the Lightbody homestead. Mighty indeed. More here…

That’s enough for now eh? Hope you’re all well. I’m still in LA. The Tired Pony record is mastered and will be out this summer on Fiction Records. The website will be up and running soon with a little in the studio video piece and all the info about all the players and special guests and song titles. It is called The Place We Ran From. If I’ve told you that already then you know twice.

Peace to all. Love to all. And in the words of the late and great John Martyn “may you never lay your head down without a hand to hold”.


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Snow Patrol on Vic Galloway’s Radio Scotland show


Photo Credit: Benzpics63