This summer Paolo Nutini will be very busy playing outdoor shows and festivals througout Europe. We previously announced his support slot with Pink in Germany and we can now add dates in Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland and T in the Park. Ticket links below:

Here is an old interview Paolo did with Top of the Pops about talking to people in toilets, dressing up like a girl and getting tattooed in Texas:

TOTP: When was the last time you got talking to someone in a toilet?
Paolo: T in the Park. It was some random guy called George and it was about how good we thought The Who were going to be.

TOTP: And were they?
Paolo: No. I just found myself at one point disappearing to see Kasabian. I think I made the mistake of watching their 1975 L.A. performance. It’s just so good that I maybe went in with my expectations too high.

TOTP: Are you the kind of person that generally starts conversations in the toilet?
Paolo: Well, it depends if the people I’m in the toilet with are in the same mood as me and in the same spirits as me and if they are, then I like talking to nice people.

TOTP: Isn’t there a protocol in men’s toilets?
Paolo: Emmm… try not to take too long?

TOTP: I thought there were rules about not making eye contact and not talking?
Paolo: I should hope you’re making eye contact. If you’re not making eye contact, where are you looking?

TOTP: So you’re the kind of man that throws toilet protocol to the wind, then?
Paolo: That’s it! Smash the rules!

TOTP: When was the last time that you dressed up as a lady?
Paolo: For a school uniform night in Glasgow. I had the full pop socks, skirt, school uniform. And I actually found out that my hips were quite nice.

TOTP: So you quite fancied yourself, then?
Paolo: Yeah… from the back. My legs are a bit hairy, mind.

TOTP: Well, you know how to change that…
Paolo: Ah, no. I’m not sure that I want to go down that road. The only time that I’ve ever shaved any part of my body, it was when I got my arms shaved to have my tattoo.

TOTP: Does hair grow back over a tattoo?
Paolo: Yeah. By looking at my head you can tell that my hair grows very fast. I’ve got a big huge bird’s nest.

TOTP: What’s your tattoo?
Paolo: It’s three Texas stars. I had it done in Texas. It was sort of half-planned. I was a little drunk and I sort of ran out of money half-way through, so I only managed to get the three, whereas I wanted them to go round my forearm.

TOTP: Was it painful?
Paolo: It was almost like a little bee running its sting up and down your arm.

TOTP: Well, the being drunk probably helped.
Paolo: Nyehhh, even a little bee running its sting up and down you sobers you up slightly.

Top of the Pops Website

Paolo also has a new live EP out which you can get from itunes here.

Paolo Nutini – Wake Up (Arcade Fire cover)


Photo Credit: Lull Nutini