Selkirk’s Frightened Rabbit are no strangers to SXSW. The beloved hare band were in Austin in 2007 and 2008 and they will return this year stronger than ever with their new album “The Winter of Mixed Drinks” set for release on March 1.

Vic Galloway on Frightened Rabbit:

To my ears, they’re aren’t very many people who can write about matters of the heart, whether it be falling in or out of love, without resorting to cliche and ham-fisted sentimenal tosh. Scott Hutchison from Selkirk indie-folk-rockers Frightened Rabbit is however an exception to this. With 2 LP’s behind them — ‘The Greys’ and ‘Midnight Organ Fight’ — the Rabbit are one of those bands whose music actually touches people.

Their following has grown massively in Scotland over the last year or two, and they seem to be receiving even more critical and audience acclaim in the USA as well. It just shows you that simple, straight-forward, honest yet poetic songs played on guitars can still sound like the freshest and most vital music on the planet. See them live, and watch a band literally bleed, sweat and cry for their audience!

Scotland on Tour with Vic Galloway, July 20, 2009

Official Blurb

The band premiered three new songs – including ‘Swim Until You Can See Land’ – in August at the Edinburgh Festival, The Fly reporting a performnce“life-affirming, the crowd’s reaction almost frightening. Seldom do bands inspire such a fanatical and justified response to their music. Unquestionably, Frightened Rabbit tonight is the best show of The Edge Festival so far.” The Herald simulary moved; “Judging by the ovation that greeted Frightened Rabbit as they ambled on stage, this Glasgow based band have truly arrived.”

Band website:

Frightened Rabbit in Session

Frightened Rabbit at SXSW with Vic in2008

Photo Credit: Aubrey Rose

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