Twin Atlantic will be taking a major step towards their inevitable domination of America with a 40+ date tour with The Fall of Troy next month that includes SXSW. The band will also be in Europe again in February. Ticket links for each and every show and a preview of their new iphone game below:

Twin Atlantic toured with The Fall of Troy in Europe last year and the band recently spoke about that and their unsettling experience at the Bamboozle Festival in LA.

You just came off stage. How was that?
Fine it was a really really good vibe! To be honest for a Fall Of Troy crowd who are very dedicated I thought we did pretty well. People really liked it…seems that way. You never expect fans from the main act to go wild and jump around like they would at one of our shows.

You definitely had some fans too…I had a couple next to me.
That’s cool!

Your new single is coming out Where is Light? What is Laughter? It’s a re-release isn’t it?
Yeah it’s new…but it’s not! (laughs) It’s a re-recording of something that we released last year. The point of the re-release was and I guess why we released the song on a different label was because it reached that many people. And the reason why we chose to include it on Vivarium is cuz we felt so proud of that song cuz it helped us reach out to the audience.

You recorded Vivarium in LA. Is that where the idea for Your Turning Into John Wayne came to you?
Something like that. We were signed to an American label and it was around that time that Sam was writing the song and we gave him the music and we had no idea what he was going to come back with. It’s weird because people think that it’s a ‘I dig America’ song but its kinda not it’s more a commentary on the whole situation. American culture has entered everybody’s life through TV, music and whatever.

Did you tour the States at all?
We played some shows. A few big festivals like South by South West and Access and we also played that festival in LA, Bamboozle, which was so shit!

All the bands were so shit. You could count all the good bands on one hand. It sounds like we are hard to please but we are not hard to please cuz we like all kinds of music. But as long as its honest that’s the main thing. I think all the bands that played that weekend and I am talking about big bands, seemed to be in a band to drink and be cool. It was a weird scene that festival.
The song John Wayne kinda cheekly points at those people who aren’t honest as musicians and where they come from and all sing in American accents. The thing is even if you are terrible but are proud of what you do that’s the most important part.

Are you not afraid this could happen to you? If you get really big and people push you into a direction you don’t necessarily want to go?
Never! We are too strong! (laughs) It’s not like anyone has ever tried to fool us and there is nothing I can think of from the top of my head but I do know that there has been a couple of things we said no to cuz it wasn’t the right direction for us. Its things that management want you to do because other bands do them, which I guess is perfectly acceptable for some people but for our band we just thought it’s not us.

From Twin Atlantic Interview with EF at Twin Atlantic Online, December 9, 2009

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