Isobel Campbell has announced a one-off show in Park City, Utah later this month as part of the Sundance Film Festival. The performance will be open to Festival Credential Holders and the general public. More details below:

We are not aware of any press release relating to this show but according to the official Sundance Film Festival website, Isobel will perform a short set at 4pm on Wednesday January 27th at the Sundance ASCAP Music Café. No details yet on whether this is a solo show or if she will be joined by regular collaborators Howe Gelb or Mark Lanegan. Click here or on the ticket link below for further information.

In 2008 Isobel gave a revealing interview to Incendiary Magazine about the recording of her last album and how she reacts to being labelled “twee”:

Incendiary:…you always get described as creating some kind of fey stuff. Like on Wikipedia, it says you’re ‘twee pop’ and I think that’s kind of insulting, because there’s nothing twee about your music at all.

Isobel Campbell: I wonder where that twee thing comes from. I think people just have to say things don’t they? I mean you can’t control what people say.

IN: Well it seems to be one of those easy routes for journalists to just pigeon hole people…

Isobel Campbell: Or regularly insult someone.

IN: …and although it makes their life a bit easier and it can sometimes help to give a band a boost, it can often work against the band, or the artist and damage them I think.

Isobel Campbell: It’s kind of lazy journalism. But, I dunno. It doesn’t really bear any relation to anything in my life, to be honest. I mean the new record and what I’ve been doing in the past two years is like, well I don’t think it bears any relation but …when I hear things like that, or when you tell me things like that I just think, “Why do I fucking bother?” Really. I just think I’m bashing my head against a brick wall. I just don’t know.

Do you know what I mean? You work really hard. For decades. And it’s like, when things…… Do you know what I mean? You may as well be making cheese.

IN: Going back to Ballad Of The Broken Seas for a minute. I understand you recorded the music and your vocals in Glasgow and then Mark laid his vocals down in the States so I was wondering what it was like when you first got together to play live? That must have been an interesting experience.

Isobel Campbell: I had mixed feelings really because it was a year after the album had been released. The album was released in January 2006 and I wasn’t able to tour it in the format that I wanted to, until January 2007. So I had mixed feelings because some people had kind of taken the record to their hearts and, you know, I couldn’t play live the way I’d worked on it and recorded it so that was kind of pointless. So when Mark approached me in November 2006 part of me felt like it was after the fact and what was the point? But then the other half really loves to hear him singing my material so I shouldn’t really cut of my nose to spite my face and so we did it in January. I was nervous because we hadn’t spent much time together but it was really great fun.

I’ve never done anything because its easy and I’ve never taken the easy route or the easy path. There’s a lot of things that I don’t know about and can’t say about, with regards to how we work or whatever. It’s not easy, it’s the furthest thing from easy I can imagine but when we’re on stage it all makes perfect sense. It’s very uplifting to be playing the music…so that’s good. That’s the positive side.

Isobel Campbell was talking to Damian Leslie, Incendiary Magazine, 6/8/2008. Full interview here.



Photo Credit: Hula