…Jim Kerr of Simple Minds, according to the readers of Dear Scotland. Almost three and a half thousand votes were cast and in the end Jim Kerr edged out the sensational Alex Harvey for the title. Jim joins former bandmate Derek Forbes, Stuart Adamson and Franz Ferdinand’s Paul Thomson in Dear Scotland’s Greatest Ever Supergroup:

Thank you to everyone who has voted and commented on all of our polls over the past few months. We are in the process of putting something special together to commemorate our four ‘Greatest Ever’ band members. In the meantime, we hope you will continue to be inspired by Dear Scotland. As ever the comments will remain open and unedited.

In our imaginary universe, Alex Harvey would now front the ‘Silver Medals‘ along with Dougie Payne from Travis on bass, James Hamilton from Errors on drums and Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai on guitar. Not a bad opening act for Jim, Derek, Stuart and Paul.

Congratulations to Jim.

Simple Minds, New York 1979, Premonition & Factory


Jim Kerr and Bono, Belgium 1983


Simple Minds, Netherlands 1983, Someone Somewhere In Summertime


Simple Minds, Brazil 1988, Sanctify Yourself


Simple Minds, Isle of Wight 2009, Alive and Kicking


Photo Credit: Phillipe Carly, New Wave Photos