Originally from Dingwall, The Cinematics are currently based in Glasgow. The band’s debut album, “A Strange Education”, was released in 2007, leading to successful tours throughout North America and Europe. They will be back on the road in Germany later this month.

The band have recently finished recording a new album and the new single “Love and Terror” will be released in July 2009.

Well, we all live in Glasgow now but originally all the members are from a small town just north of Inverness, there’s a place called Dingwall which, if you look on the map, is nearly off the end of the world! I’ve been friends with the drummer (Ross) since primary school so we’ve been friends since we were like seven. We were in bands and stuff in high school, and afterwards as well, before we went to University. The other two guys in the band, Adam and Ramsay, who are the bass player and the guitarist, because it was such a small town, we kind of knew who they were. It was one of those towns where if you went to a pub 18-year-olds would hang around with 24-year-olds, you know, it was really kind of mixed!

So we knew who they were but we weren’t really friends with them and they were in another band and I went down to Glasgow to go to University mainly just trying to get a loan! Good excuse to get away from your family at home! And just try and pursue the music career forward, there’s not really much of a scene in the Highlands [laughs], believe it or not, unless you’re playing Celtic guitar music, which wasn’t really my scene. So I came down to Glasgow, so did Ross and I met Ramsay one day when I was busking. I did the University thing. I lasted three months. I spent my loan very very quickly and then had to think up another way of making some money. Being in a kind of band and also being a little bit work shy I decided that busking was probably going to be the best way to make money. So I met Ram in the West End and we got chatting and eventually we decided it might be quite a good idea if we all got together and put a band together.

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The Cinematics Tour Dates

Jun 20 2009       York University     York, England
Jun 23 2009        Karrera Klub @ Bang Bang Club     Berlin, Germany
Jun 26 2009       Campus Festival     Kaiserslautern, Germany
Jun 27 2009       Prolog Festival     Leipzig, Germany
Sep 18 2009       Popkomm @ Magnet Club (Club NME Presents…)     Berlin, Germany