Glaswegians Camera Obscura are currently winding their way through North America, playing their tender tunes to audiences in Tennesse, Kentucky and Minnesota. Tonight the band are likely somewhere between Utah and Oregon, as they head out west supporting their new album “My Maudlin Career”.

Glasgow’s Camera Obscura have been making music for a decade, carried through the ups and downs of various line-up changes and the tender pain of daily life by the sweetly sad voice of Tracyanne Campbell. The band has had several line-up changes since founder members Tracyanne Campbell and Gavin Dunbar first began rehearsing together back in 1996. Since the amicable departure of Nigel Baillie (percussionist, trumpeter and proud daddy) in 2008, who still pops up onstage occasionally, they have existed as a five-piece.

After his successful touches on the last album, they returned to Sweden to work once more with producer Jari Haapalainen. “My Maudlin Career” showcases Jari’s wonderful understanding with the band. Songs such as “French Navy”, “Honey In The Sun”, “Swans” and “Away With Murder” typify another strong body of work that’s sure to delight, ensuring the band to continue their upward trajectory. In 2009 Camera Obscura signed a worldwide deal with feted indie 4AD, in a move that some fans felt a perfect match and “My Maudlin Career” was released on April 20th.

Full tour dates below.