The National is Scotland’s newest daily newspaper and it aims to become a strong, proud and permanent voice in the Scottish media landscape. Importantly, it is the only daily newspaper that supports the idea of independence for Scotland.

The newspaper now features a regular column entitled ‘View From Abroad’ and we were recently approached by The National to see if we could help put them in touch with some of our expat readers (h/t Alistair Braidwood).

Specifically, they are looking for Expat Scots who followed the Scottish referendum debate and who would be able to reflect on how the referendum was reported wherever they are. They are also keen to here about your thoughts as an expat watching the debate develop and what influenced your opinions.

The National is written by the team that produces the Sunday Herald and in its first week it outsold both The Scotsman and The Herald. The team are especially interested in hearing from Expat Scots in unusual places.

If this sounds interesting to you then get in touch with Lynn Mcadam directly for more details:

Email –

Facebook – lynn.mcadam.33

Twitter – @weelynny

Skype –  lynnmmcadam