Two weeks to go and more details have surfaced about the Scottish shows at South by Southwest 2011. Sadly it appears that Django Django may have dropped out but I’ve put together a nice little table featuring all the gigs that are currently scheduled.

There should be some more gigs announced by next week so if you are in one of these bands and I’m missing something then email me or tweet.

Also, a lot of the bands have gigs in New York and LA that have now been added to the Scotland on Tour page.

Scottish Gigs at SXSW 2011

Admiral FallowMarch 15Bat Bar8pmShowcase
Admiral FallowMarch 16 Maggie Mae's12amScottish Showcase
Bronto SkyliftMarch 17Latitude 3012pmdetails
Bronto SkyliftMarch 18Parish Underground11pmShowcase
Dam MantleMarch 18Latitude 303.20pmScottish Day Party
Dam MantleMarch 19Latitude 309pmShowcase
Edwyn CollinsMarch 17French Legation6pmdetails
Edwyn CollinsMarch 17Nuvola12amShowcase
Edwyn CollinsMarch 19Dot Com Day Stage Austin Convention Center2pmdetails
Erland and the CarnivalMarch 16Club De Ville8pmShowcase
Erland and the CarnivalMarch 17Dot Com Day Stage Austin Convention Center12pmdetails
Erland and the CarnivalMarch 17Maggie Mae’s1amShowcase
Erland and the CarnivalMarch 18Redeye SXSW Party1.20pmdetails
ErrorsMarch 16Maggie Mae’s10pmScottish Showcase
ErrorsMarch 17Latitude 301.20amShowcase
Jon FratelliMarch 18Mellow Johnny'stbcCANCELLED
Jon FratelliMarch 18Latitude 305.20pmCANCELLED
Jon FratelliMarch 18Stephen F’s Bar1.15amCANCELLED
Kid CanaveralMarch 16Maggie Mae’s9pmScottish Showcase
Kid CanaveralMarch 18Red House Pizzeria12pmdetails
Kid CanaveralMarch 19Waterloo Cyclestbcdetails
Kid CanaveralMarch 19Fadotbcdetails
King CreosoteMarch 17Emo's Main Room8pmShowcase
King CreosoteMarch 18Latitude 304.40pmScottish Day Party
PopupMarch 16Texas Arthouse2.30pmdetails
PopupMarch 16Maria's Taco Express7pmdetails
PopupMarch 17420 Spot5.30pmdetails
PopupMarch 18Lovely-resale Boutique7pmdetails
PopupMarch 1851210pmShowcase
PopupMarch 19Kaos Headquarters3pmdetails
Rachel SermanniMarch 16Klub Krucial10pmShowcase
Rachel SermanniMarch 18Latitude 304.00pmScottish Day Party
Twilight SadMarch 16Maggie Mae’s1amScottish Showcase
Twilight SadMarch 19Homeslice Pizza1pmdetails
Twin AtlanticMarch House4pmdetails
Twin AtlanticMarch 16Maggie Mae’s11pmScottish Showcase
Unicorn KidMarch 17The Phoenix10pmShowcase
Unicorn KidMarch 18Latitude 302.45pmScottish Day Party
Veronica FallsMarch 16Beauty Bar 11pmShowcase
Veronica FallsMarch 18End of an Ear Instores12pmdetails
Veronica FallsMarch 19Latitude 3010pmShowcase
Withered HandMarch 16Emo's Annex12pmdetails
Withered HandMarch 16Maggie Mae’s8pmScottish Showcase
Withered HandMarch 17End of an Ear Records1pmdetails
Withered HandMarch 17Waterloo Cycles3pmdetails

When everything is settled, I’ll do a nice pdf that you can print out and bring with you.

For a full list of all the Scottish artists who had planned to attend, including those that are no longer mentioned above, see this article.

The official SXSW list is here if you want to trawl through it.



King Creosote – Party Fears Two

Photo Credit: PixelMama