Last week the official SXSW website was updated with hundreds more bands added but with a couple of Scottish names removed. However, as we stand there are a record 19 20 Scottish artists on the 2011 schedule. Full details below.

So here is the current list of Scottish acts who are on the SXSW schedule. The only thing I can guarantee you is that this list will change, especially as Creative Scotland makes decisions on who will get funding. See last week’s article for more information too.

In alphabetical order:

Admiral Fallow

Bronto Skylift

Dam Mantle

Edwyn Collins

Erland and the Carnival


Flood of Red

Jon Fratelli (ex Fratellis) [removed from SXSW Official List]

Kid Canaveral

King Creosote [not on new SXSW Official List but on SXSW Press Release]


Rachel Sermanni

Steve Mason (ex Beta Band) [not on SXSW Official List but tweeted confirmation]

Twilight Sad

Twin Atlantic

Unicorn Kid

Unkle Bob

Veronica Falls

Withered Hand

Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers


It’s a bloody long list now and there is no country of origin listed so let me know if I’ve missed anyone too.

The official SXSW list is here if you want to trawl through it.

Also if anyone has any questions about attending, either as a fan or a performer, then just let me know.

More next week.


Thanks to Jane in MA for the Steve Mason update.

Still waiting on official confirmation from Jon Fratelli.

Popup – Love Triangle


Photo Credit: All Songs