We have had a few technical issues with the Scotland on Tour database recently but that has now been resolved and a quick glance shows that Teenage Fanclub, Fangs, The Cinematics, Fran Healy and Isobel Campbell all have gigs abroad this week. Full dates and more from Vic on Isobel below:

Isobel Campbell in Spain
by Vic Galloway

Isobel Campbell has forged forward and carved out a unique career as a musician for years now. Firstly, starting with Belle & Sebastian she was an indie pin-up and integral part of the band for 6 years, but then decided to go her own way after a handful of albums to embark on a solo journey.

She made music under the ‘Gentle Waves’ moniker, putting out 2 albums, then finally bit the bullet and decided to use her given name for 2 more. Since then, her unlikely collaboration with Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone-Age growler, Mark Lanegan has been an incredible success.

Continually compared to Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra, their 3 acclaimed albums have been released to a rapturous response, rightfully justified in my opinion. These dark, brooding, smoky tales of love, lust, death and sorrow have captured the more mature record-buying public’s imagination and the duo have journeyed further and further into the dustbowl of Americana, country, blues, folk and chanson.

The albums are not only extremely accomplished from a song-writing point of view, but because of the superb arrangements, musicianship and production therein. When it was decided to take this music out on the road a few years back, I wondered if it could possibly work. How could they capture the vibe of the recordings or do the songs justice? But having seen her and her band play in Edinburgh and in Austin Texas on 2 separate tours, it became hugely obvious to me that not only did it work, but the live performances added another edge to the original compositions. Ambitious – yes, but fully realised and sonically mind-blowing.

If you’re in the wonderful city of Barcelona and the gang pulls into town I seriously recommend you head along to marvel at these songs played with precision and soul. The current album ‘Hawk’ continues to deliver on the same level as ‘Ballad of the Broken Seas and ‘Sunday at Devil Dirt’, so a full back-catalogue exists from which to pull out an exquisite set!

Also on tour this week: Teenage Fanclub, Fangs, Fran Healy and The Cinematics.

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Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – You Won’t Let Me Down Again


Cafe 2010: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan


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