‘They Shoot Music Don’t They’ regularly film the world’s best new bands on the streets of their hometown Vienna. Recently they visited Scotland to capture some of our finest musicians in unusual places. With their permission, we can now share these brilliant films with you. This week, Ballboy in Leith:

They Shoot Music Don’t They Goes to Scotland

#3 – Ballboy

Before we would leave Edinburgh, we still get the chance to jaunt at the edge of the city, where it borders the sea. Ballboy-singer Gordon McIntyre lives out here in a church in the northern district of Leith. Living in a church is not so extraordinary here than it might be for us Austrians and for other people outside Scotland. There are simply so many of them on the isle and not all are used for clerical purposes anymore. However, instead of doing a church session, Gordon and his bandmates Alexa, Gary and Nick follow the call of the sea (or of the “half-woman half-mermaid” as the song suggests) to perform “I Am An Indie Pirate And I Will Skuttle Ye” that fits the setting perfectly.

The band makes storytelling music and man, what a lyricist Gordon is! Ballboy’s songs get under the skin and don’t miss the esprit. No wonder, as these friendly four guys personify a character trait that we think you can appreciate as somewhat Scottish: don’t take yourself too serious and stay jocular! It is no inconsistency (or at least a loveable one as the next song suggests) that you first still have fun with your “bawbags” and then fall in the lugubrious song “The Guide To The Short Wave Radio”. In chilled-through nightly peacefulness we say goodbye to Edinburgh.

Ballboy – The Guide To The Short Wave Radio


Ballboy – I´m An Indie Pirate And I Will Skuttle Ye


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