It was the great people of the Glasgow Podcart that first introduced me to the synthpop sounds of Tokyo Knife Attack, or Craig Bell as he’s known to real life people, at the Podcart Christmas party last year. My memories of that evening are of hearing a synth version of Arcade Fire’s ‘Tunnels’ and then of me staggering up to a very sober Mr Bell at the end of the gig to give him a Peenko badge.

Ever since that night last December, I have been completely sold by his 80’s synthpop tunes. His new single ‘Cool Kids’ is a an absolute corker, if you don’t believe me then listen to the stream below. Right, enough of me and my witterings, it’s time to pass you over to the coolest cat on the block….

Interview with Tokyo Knife Attack

Would you care to introduce yourself?
Hi, I’m Craig.

Where did the name Toyko Knife Attack come from?
It jumped out at me from a newspaper article.

How would you describe the music you make?

How did you start out making music?
I had a tape recorder for my spectrum 128K and quickly discovered that recording noises was way cooler than playing computer games. My first instrument was a wooden spoon or a knitting needle or something.

What process goes into the way you write songs?
I sing little melody’s into the recorder on my phone and build ideas up from the every day stuff going on around me. I’ve got a pretty relaxed office job where I sit and think about lyrics. I try not to write anything down because if it’s good enough I usually remember it, then I make a demo and listen to it on the commute to and from work for a month or so, taking mental notes on how the song should end up.

Your music sounds very 80’s, if you could do the soundtrack to a sequel to any Bratpack movie, what would it would be and why?
I saw The Breakfast Club on BBC2 the other week and to be honest I think it’s maybe the kind of film you need to see when you’re a kid. I was, however very impressed with the size of one of the guys nostrils so I think I’d make some really reverby nostril music in homage to those cavernous beasts.

Is there any truth in the rumours that you’re leaving us to go and live in the States?
That’s true. I’m moving to Portland, Oregon a few days after the Popcart gig at Stereo (June 19th). It’ll not only be the first gig with the band on stage, but also the last. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I’ve had to knock back 3 festivals and there have been rumours of a label interested in my stuff, ha ha typical. I’ll be keeping the music going though as Portland’s got a great scene.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in 2010?
Why, you should expect to see transvestites and hear lots of new tunes of course.

Cool Kids by Tokyo Knife Attack


Tokyo Knife Attack make their final appearance alongside Pooch and Midnight Lion at Stereo as part of a Glasgow Popcart evening. Make sure you get yourself along to give Craig the send off he deserves. Oh and also to check out a beast of a line up. Tokyo Knife Attack’s single ‘Cool Kids’ is available to buy now over on iTunes, you can stream it above.
Tokyo Knife Attack