This week in SEAN, Peter Capaldi wins a BAFTA, Tony Curran talks about doing his ‘Sean voice’ in front of Big Sean himself, the latest in the ‘I Love You Phillip Moris’ saga and Ewan McGregor shows off his footy skills for Soccer Aid. Saba has all this week’s news.

Peter Capaldi wins BAFTA

Peter Capaldi won a television BAFTA on Sunday night for Male Performance in a Comedy for The Thick Of It. Peter talked about his win in a red carpet interview:


‘Torchwood’ headed to the USA after all

Starz has just acquired rights to develop Torchwood and will share production costs for the rights. John Barrowman will be back as Captain Jack. The 10 episode season will air on BBC 1 and Starz in the summer of 2011 with most of the season taking place in North America. Fox had been trying to get the American version off the ground, but development fell through in April. Creator Russell T. Davies says that the Starz version isn’t a “new version” or a “reboot”, and he also says that ” I absolutely guarantee that you can leap in as a new viewer and be able to find everything. ”

New exclusive interview with Tony Curran

Tony Curran did an interview over at ReelScotland before his appearance on Doctor Who aired in the UK last Saturday. He talked about his career, including working on Doctor Who, Ondine (which opened in the US last Friday), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Sean Connery, and upcoming roles in Tintin and Big Momma’s House 3. You can read the full interview over at ReelScotland. Thanks to Ross for sharing the interview.

We’ve all read about the rumblings on the set of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sean Connery is quoted as threatening to punch director Stephen Norrington. How did you get on with Sir Sean as the two Scots on set? What do you remember of your time on the shoot?

I definitely got on with Sean, we had a good laugh. I don’t know of any Scottish actor, or any actor as a whole, getting the opportunity to work with Big Tam who wouldn’t be inspired. It would be a joy for most people. I mean, if they got on with him.

Me and Jason Flemyng became good friends on that film and Sean’s assistant said to us one day, “I must give you a piece of advice. There’s two things you must never do in front of Sean.” We said, “what’s that?” She said, “the first thing is you must never do ‘the voice’. The second thing is NEVER do ‘the voice’.” So, at the first read-through me and Flemyng just couldn’t help ourselves and we were like [adopts faux-Sean Connery voice], “how you doin’ big fella? Nice to see you, eh!” Sean was like [Connery voice], “shut the fuck up!” Anyway, we got on very well and had a good laugh. He was quite wonderfully sarcastic and good fun. If he was dishing out patter, he certainly liked it when people dished it back to him. I think he preferred it when people would riff with him and have a good laugh.

He was dancing with my mother one night and he said [Connery voice], “Mary, you’re the spitting image of your boy,” and my mum said, “yeah, Sean, thank you, I get that a lot – apart from the beard!” Apparently Sean said, “well that’s only a matter of time!” – which is very naughty, but very funny at the same time.

What can you tell us, if anything, about Tintin? Do you have a big role? Who did you work with?

I’ve got not a bad role in it. I was there for about a week and Steven Spielberg’s obviously directing it, and Peter Jackson was directing it as well. It was a really fun experience with the old motion capture suit on, where you’re basically looking like a speed skater! Andy Serkis said that in black spandex, you look like you should be in the Russian gymnastics team or something!

Yeah, that was a lot of fun that show, but I think I spoke to some newspaper about that once and then it was out. The next day I got a phonecall from the studio saying, “hey, don’t talk about this! Don’t say anything about it!”

There was a bunch of people in that: Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig was in it, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jamie Bell. I was only on it for a week but it was a fun gig. Motion capture’s a strange way of working but once you forget about people that have got all those dots on their face and a Madonna-type mic, which is actually a camera and a helmet attached to their head, you try to get into the character and the part you’re playing. Then you actually look at yourself on a screen that’s behind where you’re acting and you can see your animated image of your physical self, which is quite cool. You’re like, ‘wow, that’s what I’m going to look like.’ It was a fun job. [Ross Maclean]

‘Doctor Who’ promos: Tony Curran as Vincent van Gogh

Some trailers and clips from Tony Curran‘s guest appearance on episode 10 of Doctor Who are now online (via ONTD!).

Vincent and the Doctor BBC Wales Trailer


‘Phillip Morris’ may never see the light of day

At least not in the U.S. anyway. Back in April I Love You Phillip Morris, starring Ewan McGregor lost its North American distributor after months of its release date being rescheduled. Now a “California District judge has issued a preliminary injunction preventing the U.S. release.” The film’s official website is down and The Hollywood Reporter says that the new release date is sometime in October “just in time for Oscar season.” You can get more of the legal details over at The Hollywood Reporter, but it doesn’t look like that October release date is realistic.

Ewan McGregor’s UNICEF video diary

Ewan took a trip to Peru with UNICEF for Soccer Aid. You can watch his video diary below (via Best of Ewan).




Weekly schedule for Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Mo 6/7: Eric Idle, Terry Crews
Tu 6/8: John Waters, Taraji P. Henson
We 6/9: Kyra Sedgwick, Tom Felton
Th 6/10: Wolfgang Puck, Damian Marley & Nas
Fr 6/11: Denis Leary, John “Hippieman” Novosad

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