Belle and Sebastian today announced their first American shows in over four years, as well as their first ever visits to Mexico and Singapore. Details of previously announced shows in Europe and Japan are here. Tickets for a Brooklyn show with Teenage Fanclub are on presale tomorrow. More below:

Most of the tickets for the US tour are on sale next week. Follow the links below or visit the band’s website for more details. However, the public sale for the New York, DC and LA shows opens on Friday but a limited amount of tickets will be on sale tomorrow for the Brooklyn gig (with Teenage Fanclub) at 10am EST. The presale password is banchory.

UPDATE JUNE 10 – Chicago and Boston Presale Details

Presale tickets for Oct 11 show at The Chicago Theater, Chicago on sale today 10am. Password: HCBELLE

Click on ticket link below.

Presale tickets for Oct 15 show at The Wang Theater, Boston on sale today 10am -10pm. Password: CITISOC

Click on ticket link below.

The band are expected to announce more US shows over the next few weeks including a Matador themed festival in Vegas with Pavement and perhaps Sonic Youth?

More from the band’s Q&A section of their website:

Q.I trust that Sarah will be in charge of cover art this time around, filling gatefold & insert alike with choice lads……. perhaps in scanty choir boy uniforms?

A. in my dreams (and probably Stuart’s wife’s, too), the album artwork is full of pictures of Professor Brian Cox looking windswept and interesting in rugged locations around the world. swoon.

Sarah – 18/04/10

my wife already asked Cox (true!) and he’s too busy

Stuart – 27/04/10

From: Steve
Q.I’m interested to know why a lot of British bands (yourselves included) go to the time,trouble and expense of going to America to record?Is it just better facilities?Availabilty?Weather?

A. hi steve

well i can only speak for ourselves; we had no inclination in the early days, in fact, it would have been disruptive. but we fell in with a bloke called tony hoffer. he’s from LA and he likes to work in the same studio. If you’re going to fall in with a producer, you’re best to go where he’ll get the best result.

let’s face it, it’s not such a bad gig. LA feels like home away from home. it’s so easy to be here, more so than London or New York.

i was chatting with bob the other day. we were thinking this might be our last chance to come here and take care over making a record. Not so many people are buying music now, so it’s getting harder to justify recording budgets. Quite a lot of groups are giving up making records, sticking to playing live to make their livings.

can i just say at this juncture that that will never happen to us..

So long as this band is still going, we will make music, and we will go to extremes to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be.

Perhaps next time out we will ask the fans to chip before hand, to record it, then they can part own it or something! you will then belong to the people’s republic of Belle And Sebastian (plc).

just a little something that had been bothering me. i mean, what’s the point in bands unless you make records. the recorded pop song! still the most seductive and complete medium of art known to man or woman!

Stuart – 27/04/10

Belle and Sebastian Q&A

Belle and Sebastian’s new summer dates in Europe and Asia can be found here.

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Photo Credit: Alameda Murphy