Frightened Rabbit are in San Francisco tonight playing an acoustic show at the Rickshaw Stop as they start to wrap up their US tour and the band have just announced new gigs in Sydney and Melbourne in August after their appearance at Splendour in the Grass. Full details and Oz tour diary below.

Check out the Frabbit’s Australian Tour Diary video from earlier this year below.

Tickets for tonight’s acoustic show in San Francisco available here.

It will be another busy summer for hare band Frightened Rabbit. As well as the Australian shows, the band will be at Lollapalooza, Glastonbury and they’ll be opening up for Snow Patrol at their massive Bellahouston Park gig in Glasgow on June 12.

Recently Scott spoke to Big On Glasgow about South by Southwest and the Snow Patrol gig.

You just got back from South by Southwest; how was that?

We got back in the country on Sunday. It’s all a bit of a blur to be honest. We played about six or seven proper shows and then there were sessions and interviews on top of that. It’s the one time when everyone from the world music industry is together for a few days. If someone is interested in seeing you play, best to give them seven or eight opportunities rather than just one. It was a mad house for about five days.

Did you meet up with other Scottish bands?

This year there seemed to be a lot more people from Scotland. The Arts Council helps fund getting bands over. They usually do a showcase of Scottish bands, but this year they did two; one during the day and one at night. We know bands like We Were Promised Jetpacks quite well and people like Tommy Reilly too. It was really nice. It felt like there was a lot of camaraderie there. There was one particular night, I think it was the Saturday night, that it felt like we at Sleazies, there were so many familiar faces there.

You’ll be playing Snow Patrol’s Bellahouston Park gig on 12th June with Editors and Band Of Horses. How did it come about?

We have the same booking agent as Snow Patrol. It was quite weird; we were in Australia in January and he mentioned that it might happen. But it was all very hush hush. People say stuff like that all the time though and you can’t get too excited about it as they hardly ever happen. So nothing more was said about it. Then we found out through Twitter that it had been announced. Then I got a text from my friend saying there was a big advert in the Metro about it. I have no idea how it went from being a hush hush idea to having a full page in the Metro, but there you go (laughs).

Will this be the biggest gig you’ve played? Technically, playing Edinburgh’s Hogmanay was the biggest, but presumably not every one of the 80,000 people there were out to see Frightened Rabbit.
Yeah, that’s the thing. There was 80,000 at the street party but people that were there I don’t think were that interested in which band was playing; they were really there to hang out with their friends and get drunk. It was about £10 for that; so you compare that to someone who’s paid more for a ticket for Snow Patrol and is there to make a whole day of it. I think this will be a lot more nerve-wracking.

Are you guys first on the bill?

Yeah. There’s expected to be about 30,000 there, so when we’re on there’ll be about 20. Thousand that is. I’m not going to think about it until we actually get there. That’s what I try and do with the bigger gigs. You get there in the afternoon when the place is empty and everything looks so vast. We played the SECC with Biffy Clyro about a year and half ago and when I saw how big the room was empty, it kind of threw me. But with Snow Patrol, Bellahouston is just going to look like a park, so that might be less scary.

From Big On Glasgow, March 26, 2010. Full Interview with Nadine McBay here

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Frightened Rabbit’s First Ever US Show at Micheline’s, Brooklyn, Jan 15 2007.


Photo Credit: Sam Brill