This week in Scottish Entertainment / Actor News, Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) talks about the Lost finale, news on Irvine Welsh’s ‘Magnificent Eleven’, photos of John Barrowman in ‘Housewives and new interviews with Kevin McKidd, Douglas Henshall and Ewan McGregor.

Henry Ian Cusick discuses Lost‘s series finale

Excerpts from two new interviews with Henry Ian Cusick are posted below. The first is from Vulture which you can read in full here. The other excerpt is from TVOvermind which you can read here.

Was it in your contract that the episodes focused on Desmond need to be epic ones?
No, [laughs], I have nothing in my contract. It’s been a fluke, really. When Carlton [Cuse] told me about the possibility about coming back, I had no idea what they had in mind. The episodes that I’ve been given have all been great pieces of writing and great fun to play. But now that the show is coming to an end I will not have another Desmond-centric episode. I’m delighted that it ended on one like “Happily Ever After.”


So … you’re currently filming the finale. Want to tell us something about it we don’t know?
Well … all the actors have been given a script that contains ten acts. There is an eleventh act that we haven’t got yet. And in that eleventh act, there’s a secret scene that no one — not even the people that [are in] the eleventh act — have got the secret scenes. At the moment, we have, what, 24 days to shoot these two episodes, the series finale. I haven’t been on set all that much recently, but, from what I understand, what they’re shooting now has been really physically demanding. There’s a lot of wetness and a lot of bruises. I think the stunt work is going to be pretty cool. [Mike Ryan]

TVOvermind interview:

Desmond is obviously one of the fan’s favorites. Are fan’s going to be satisfied with where he ends up?

You know what? I don’t know where he ends up yet, we haven’t been given the final chapter of the script so we’re all waiting for the season finale’s final act, so I can’t answer that honestly. I think the writers have done pretty good so far, so we’ve just got to keep going with them and trust that it’ll be good. I don’t know, and nobody knows how it’s going to end up.

….Has anybody made any plans as far as watching the final episode or what they’re gonna do when it airs?

I think there’s some sort of press thing happening in LA for the finale. I haven’t thought about it yet and I’m not entirely sure. At the moment I’m just thinking and concentrating on the work.

When do you guys actually wrap the season?’

We finish on April the 21st or 22nd, I can’t remember the exact date but in two weeks.

It’s gonna be a strange thing. I don’t know how I’ll react the day after, when I realize I haven’t got a job. So that’ll be interesting. [Jon Lachonis]

Dougray Scott’s ‘The Magnificent Eleven’ may shoot this summer

Back in February Dougray Scott had reportedly been cast in Irvine Welsh‘s first feature film The Magnificent Eleven, an adaptation of The Magnificent Seven. Welsh now reveals that the film might be filmed this summer:

“We’re hoping to shoot in the summer and are fairly positive about it,” said Welsh, who is currently fine-tuning the screenplay while also writing his latest novel. “I’m pretty much tied up with the book and can’t make it out to Cannes, where we are planning to officially announce the film.” [Herald Scotland]

There also appears to be a new teaser poster featuring Sean Bean, with Dougray Scott getting third billing.

Kevin McKidd writes about moving to LA & ‘Percy Jackson’

Kevin wrote an article for Finch’s Quarterly Review Issue 7 (via mckidd_fans). In it he “writes about his move from Scotland, via Rome, to Los Angeles, where he has now settled and introduced haggis.” Part of his article is posted below, and you can read the full thing over at the source.

…I feel very blessed with the opportunities I have had – to work with the incredible cast in Grey’s Anatomy and to be a key player in a feature film like Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

…Most of my scenes are with Sean Bean, who plays Zeus. I had never worked with Sean and it was an interesting experience as, initially, he comes across as reserved. Our first scene was at the top of the Empire State Building and I had to walk up to him (we play brothers in the film) and say, “Zeus”, and he turns to me and says, “Poseidon.” For some reason, on the very first take, these two lines seemed to tickle us and we just couldn’t get through them – there was just something so absurd about Sean Bean and me pretending to be Greek Gods, so it took us quite a while to get started. He is much more of a giggler than I would have imagined! Sean is from the North of England so it was quite amusing to have a Scotsman and a Northerner playing Greek Gods in an American blockbuster shooting in Vancouver.

When you get a bunch of British actors together there is a feeling that you could all be doing a play in some dodgy theatre above the pub. Everybody falls back to that same attitude. None of us works behind a desk for the very reason that we wanted to do something silly for a living. It’s always a laugh, and you are not allowed to take it too seriously.

New interview with Douglas Henshall

Douglas Henshall recently did an interview over at ReelScotland and he talked about upcoming films How I Was Stolen by the Germans and The Eagle of the Ninth. An excerpt is below and you can head on over to ReelScotland for the full interview. Thanks so much to the folks at ReelScotland for sharing this with us:

Due later this year, Henshall will play German officer, Werner Kraus in Serbo-Croation film How I Was Stolen by the Germans.“My wife is Croatian and we have a friend who is a producer in Belgrade and he was in London saying ‘how do you fancy coming to Serbia to do a film there?’ I said ‘sure’ so he sent me the script where I play a German officer in World War Two who falls for this little boy. The boy doesn’t know who his father is and ends up wanting this German officer to be his dad. It’s a very nice story.”

“I don’t speak German and (director) Misa (Radivojevic) is 90% deaf and doesn’t speak English, but I had a number of interpreters and everyone wanted to help. But I had a nice time, Misa is a proper auteur, it was a very creative place to work.”

…Another film due later this year is Kevin MacDonald’s epic, The Eagle of the Ninth. Unlike rival film, Neil Marshall’s Centurion, The Eagle of the Ninth will focus on Channing Tatum’s attempts to find his lost legion’s golden emblem in honour of his late father.

…“I have a small part, the first fifteen minutes, if that. I haven’t seen it or done any ADR yet so I might not even last that long! The chief of my part is a chariot race through the forrest with Channing Tatum and I just had the best time. The chariots were amazing, for the real hairy stuff they had stuntmen, but I got to do most of it myself. I had such a ball.” [Richard Bodsworth]

New images of John Barrowman in ‘Desperate Housewives’

Just to warn you: these images (via ONTD!) of John and Drea de Matteo from episode 21, “A Little Night Music” are a bit spoilery.

‘Ghost Writer’ interviews with Ewan McGregor

Ewan has been promoting The Ghost Writer in the UK before the film’s release on Friday. You can watch some of his recent interviews below.

Interview with Andrew Marr.


Ewan’s appearance on the Justin Lee Collins Show.


Weekly schedule for Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Mo 4/19: Brendan Fraser, Amanda Righetti, Brian Scott McFadden
Tu 4/20: Emily Mortimer, David Simon
We 4/21: Brooke Shields, George Wallace, Corinne Bailey Rae
Th 4/22: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Busy Philipps
Fr 4/23: Drew Carey, Jason Aldean

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