Biffy Clyro will be returning to Australia in May for three shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Pre-sale tickets are available now by following the links below. Tickets will go on general sale tomorrow.

The band, who sadly had to cancel their December/January tour due to unforeseen circumstances, will now play Brisbane Hi-fi, Melbourne Hi-fi and the Metro in Sydney. For full details of the pre-sale visist the Team Biffy Members Area. Signing up only takes a few minutes. The pre-sale password is ‘only revolutions’. Ticket links at the bottom of the page.

The band spoke with Q last year about recording the new album and appearing on Jools Holland:

Only Revolutions was recorded in L.A, and you’ve pretty much recorded all of your albums in different countries. Does the change of location affect the albums?
Simon: It doesn’t affect the music as such.. but like in Vancouver (recording Puzzle), it was raining the whole time, and we didn’t see any other soul that was working on the record. Which worked well for the record, but I think we were mentally exhausted after that. So this time around in sunny L.A, it was a lot easier to get up and get motivated.

The new album is certainly a lot more upbeat and chirpier than your previous records. Is it your celebratory album?
Simon: It might be a celebration of survival I think (laughs). Puzzle was such an intense record with a heavy subject. We’ve grown up a lot in the last three years, and we very much know we’re doing this band for the rest of our lives, so there’s definitely more hope to it.

It just seems like there’s more to be happy about now, certainly than it was before when it didn’t seem like it get any darker.

You recently did Later…with Jools Holland. Does he have bad breath?
Simon: (laughs) He does look like he’s got bad breath but he actually smells spectacular.
Ben: No, he’s actually really nice…and we’ve never done anything like that before, so it was great.

It seems to be a lot of waiting around on that show…how did you pass the time?
Ben: It was great to see how other people there react, because you’re in your comfort zone I guess, but we just went outside and smoked a lot.
James: And drank loads of wine.
Simon: Yeah, too much wine unfortunately (laughs). But it wasn’t like when you’re on tour and you’re sat with your head in your hands three hours before you go onstage going ‘please lets just do the show’.

Josh Homme is contributing on one of your new songs. How intimidating is he?
Ben: He’s got hands like a shovel. And is so tall. Very intimidating.
Simon: It’s still kinda weird that it’s him even though we’ve been on tour together and stuff, he’s such a legend. But he’s a really nice guy, he just came in for an hour and twiddled about with his guitar.
Ben: He’s really a lovely guy, and just tries to make everyone laugh, but his sheer size is intimidating.
James: He’s just a big Viking.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?
Ben: We have a wee huddle, not in a Celtic way or anything…
Simon: If we didn’t do the hug, we’d feel strange, that’s the one thing right before we go on that’s important to us. It makes it seem like it’s us against the world. It’s just a hug though, no mantra like “Dear God, please give us the strength..”..
Ben: No, it’s more like “let’s fucking…fucking let’s get them! “Let’s make somebody cry!” (laughs)

Full interview from Q the Music, October 21, 2009

Purchase the new album from itunes here:
Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions

Biffy Australian Tour Promo Video


Simon’s Party Trick – Playing ‘Street Spirit’ while doing keepy-ups


Biffy Clyro live on 98 Rock Baltimore last week


Photo Credit: Mike Dubin