Tommy Reilly’s first ever gig in America will be to open the Scottish Showcase night on Wednesday featuring Codeine Velvet Club, Frightened Rabbit and more. So make sure to get there early to see this talented Glaswegian. All Tommy’s SXSW gigs are listed below:

The Dear Scotland Interview with Tommy Reilly will be published shortly:

DS: Your heading out to Austin soon for SXSW, have you played there before and are there other places you’d like to visit?
Tommy Reilly: No I have never played in America! I’m so excited!! I can’t believe that I’m gonna spend a week in Texas and not only that but I’ll doing all my favouite stuff. When I’m not playing shows I like to go shows so this is probably gonna be the best week of my life. I’ve always wanted to travel around the States. I’m heading up for one show in New York after Texas which is somewhere I’ve always dreamt of visiting as well. I’ve got family all over the US but particularly Tampa so I’ve been to Florida a couple times but yeah this will be special.

DS: So you have the Austin and New York gigs lined up but what are your other plans for 2010?
Tommy Reilly: I’m hopefully gonna have the new album coming out in May so I’m hoping that’s in time for festival season again and then after the summer I wanna tour really hard and play as many shows as possible. I love having a record out so I’m gonna try and tour this one as much as I can.

Tommy Reilly Interview with Dear Scotland, March 12, 2010

Official Blurb

Welcome to a new kind of myspace sensation. A self-taught singer-songwriter from smalltown Scotland. A 20-year-old who – literally – was an overnight, Top-20-in-the-charts hit following the release of his speedily-recorded debut single Gimme A Call earlier this year. A one-man pop-machine, churning out songs on his piano, his guitar, his harmonica, his phone. Welcome to the life of Reilly. He’s unlucky in love but jeez he’s lucky with tunes.

In the wake of his worldbeating success with Duffy, Bernard Butler is much in demand as a producer. But he was impressed with the raw talent of this new, young kid who’d popped up seemingly from out of nowhere.

‘It wasn’t like a normal talent show thing at all,’ says Butler of Tommy’s demo. ‘It was really rough and ragged, rather than something that was really polished, as most demos are these days, let alone someone who goes to a talent show. Then I met Tommy and he didn’t talk much – he just wanted to get on with it. That was great.’

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Confirmed SXSW gigs are listed below and will be updated if and when more shows are added. For details on the New York gig and the interview in full click here.

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