Alongside Unicorn Kid and Young Fathers, Hudson Mohawke will show the South by Southwest Festival goers that Scottish music is more than just great indie bands. The in-demand Glaswegian DJ/Producer released his debut album ‘Butter’ in 2009 and is already rumoured to be working with members of Bloc Party and Spank Rock in 2010.

Vic Galloway on Hudson Mohawke

Part of the Edinburgh and Glasgow based ‘Lucky Me Collective’ of producers, musicians, MC’s and beat-makers, Hudson Mohawke is probably the fore-runner and (he’ll hate me for saying this) star of Scotland’s new future-beats scene. He’s now highly in demand for his live sets and remixes, as well as being chased by US rappers for his production.

Imagine hip-hop, grime, crunk, electronica, trip-hop and booty-shaking funk all put into a mincer then spat out the other side! It’s wonky, disorientating, utterly compelling… and it also sounds like nothing else just now. Having signed to the ground-breaking Warp Records, in the world of electronic music Glasgow’s hippest son is already the name to drop!

Scotland on Tour with Vic Galloway, October 26, 2009

Offical Blurb

Hudson Mohawke, (Ross Birchard), is an Electronic music producer/DJ from Glasgow, Scotland. He is signed to Warp Records and released his debut album on Warp, called Butter in October 2009. IT RECEIVED GOOD REVIEWS IN BOTH THE UK AND INTERNATIONAL PRESS.

Artist website:

Hudson Mohawke – Overnight


Photo Credit: Passetti

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