Glasgow band Fangs will be heading to SXSW for the first time this year. According to the band, they aim to deliver no-wave dirty disco direct to the dance floor. As well as their Austin gigs listed below, Fangs will also be dirtying dance floors in New York, Vegas and LA:

Last year Dear Scotland spoke with Lloyd Alex, Queenie, Jojo and Marko from Fangs before they were about to play a series of shows in Germany:

Dear Scotland: Do you feel more Scottish when you are abroad, or do you adapt well to new places? Anything you’ll miss about Scotland?

[lloyd alex] The only thing I miss about Scotland is my friends and family and the musical talent in Glasgow, the world is the same to me whereever I go. Though I do feel Scottish everywhere.
[the queen] I feel Fangs is tres European. I spent most of my teens in France which makes it easy to adapt wherever I go. I miss my friends, there’s so many places I visit I wish I could share with the people I love.
[jojo doll] — Yes and no, when I’m away from home I adapt just fine, but it’s hard not to accentuate your heritage when your away. People abroad love the Scottish though. The thing I miss most about Scotland are my family, my friends, and the tap water.
[marko nein] I never miss it, but its always with me. I’ve developed my own syndrome of ‘lauderism’ after the late great Harry Lauder. I’m a pretty unpatriotic Scot while at home but the moment I arrive anywhere I become an exaggerated version of Willie from The Simpsons.

Dear Scotland: Are there any Scottish musicians, past or present, that have influenced you?

[the queen] Annie Lennox, a girl from Aberdeen that made such an impact on style and music, she has a unique and special talent.
[lloyd alex] Far too many to list. When my friend Matt Scott got me into playing music we listened to loads of Scottish bands. There is always an amazing scene in Glasgow, bands like Findo Gask, The King Hats, Errors, My Cousin I Bid You Farewell and A Copenhagen Hope are the tip of the iceberg.
[jojo doll] Franz Ferdinand and Sons And Daughters are great Scottish bands with good hooky songs who I would say have inspired some interesting things.  Also Idlewild are a great band with great songs too.
[marko nein] Bay City Rollers, Fran and Anna, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Associates…how long have you got?

Fangs Interview with Dear Scotland, October 23, 2009

Official Blurb

Fangs rose to prominence on the UK Channel 4 program Orange Unsigned after the shows producers saw the band playing the BBC introducing stages at Reading and Leeds Festivals.

The bands striking image has seen them promoting TIGI/Bedheads newest hairwear product ROCKAHOLIC rocking out on the CATWALK at fashion shows across Europe.

Fangs have played shows with JUSTICE, SANTIGOLD, THE PRESETS, SONS AND DAUGHTERS AND BLACK KIDS. Headlined shows in PARIS, BERLIN, LONDON AND BARCELONA and the world famous UK festivals – Reading, Leeds and T In The Park. THERES NO STOPPING THEM!

THE QUEEN, MARKO NEIN, LLOYD ALEX and JOJO DOLL…Vicious + Delicious, Fangs tastes like nothin’ else!

Band website:

Fangs – Cos I Said So


Photo Credit: myspace

Confirmed SXSW gigs are listed below and will be updated as and when more shows are added.

Fangs will also be playing in New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Las Vegas and LA on this tour. Full details on the Scotland on Tour page as always.