As has been the trend recently, I have been very, very slow to post about these lads, despite having first heard and liked their stuff bloody ages ago.  I honestly don’t know why, either, because I liked them from the very first time I heard them.  Sometimes these things just happen, I guess.

Anyhow, they have a single out already, a double a-side of Love’s Dart and Storm, which I picked up at Pure Groove last week, and a new one out very shortly containing two songs: Wor and Skies Over Cairo, both of which can be previewed at their MySpace page, should you be so inclined.

You can talk about the combination of electronic beats with something akin to a Spaghetti Western-inspired acoustic feeling, and whilst that does describe the style, it doesn’t really get across what’s good about this stuff, from my perspective anyhow.

Basically, for me, it’s about the rhythm.  Whether it’s the constant thumping of drums, or the skittish clicks of the electronic persussive sounds, all this stuff has a really insistent, infectious rhythm, which purely and simply makes you want to dance (even a wooden-backed, stand-at-the-bar toe-tapper like me).

These lads are playing Homegame in March (sold out, sorry) with a night in Edinburgh at the Wee Red on Friday 12th March – the same weekend.  I am really looking forward to seeing them actually, and finding out what this stuff is like live, because I have a hunch it could be absolutely superb.

It’s funny – for all the talk about indie-folk at the moment, some of the bands which excite me the most for the coming year are actually the heavily rhythmic ones with a really good beat to them – whether than be the eccentricity of Jesus H. Foxx or the Tapeheads, the glitchy electronics in evidence on the new Meursault album or the eminently danceable stuff like this or Findo Gask.

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Photo Credit : snaplife