2010 will be a huge year for Biffy Clyro. This Friday the band will start a headline European tour before joining up with Manchester Orchestra for more American dates. The US leg is scheduled to end in Boise on March 15, two days before the start of SXSW. Coincidence? Ticket details and new videos follow:

Biffy Clyro will play the Bandit Rock Awards in Stockholm on Friday before heading out through Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. Full details of these dates can be found on the Scotland on Tour page. The American tour dates are below. Check in with Scotland On Tour for any and all updates regarding SXSW and instore performances.

Last year the band spoke with Emma Johnston of The Quietus about their slow rise to the top:

By rights, it feels like Biffy should have reached the point where they’re headlining Reading and Leeds by now. Certainly, their fans are as loyal as any you’ll find, and it’s infuriating to see them leap-frogged for the turgid, uninspiring likes of The Killers year after year. The band, however, seem happy to keep on the slow and steady trajectory that’s kept audiences hungry for more.

“I think we had a rougher time when we were younger”, says Simon. “When you first start out you have that unwaverable swagger of being young and making music. We couldn’t believe some of the bands that were doing alright. But I think we worked out long ago that the way we do things might not be the fastest way, but as long as we are comfortable playing, hopefully one day we will headline Reading. If it does happen we’ll be ready for it. There’s always going to be flavours of the month, bands come and go. If we looked at the bill of our very first festival, in 1999, I’m sure the amount of bands that are still going would be about 15 per cent.”

“I don’t see the rush”, adds James. “Everyone seems to be in such a rush to get somewhere. Why not enjoy what you’re doing just now? We really do enjoy what we’re doing, but we’re not in a hurry.”

The record label have high hopes for Only Revolutions, with plans for huge American and Australian tours as well as the next step up the ladder here. But the band – still based in Scotland, with their families around them, spectacularly disinterested in the workings of the music industry and its passing phases – seem bemused by any talk of world domination. The general impression is one of three men at their happiest in their farmyard rehearsal space, making strange noises that sound unlike anyone else.

“We like that things have happened in a natural way”, Simon concludes. “We never went chasing anything, trying to achieve something that we saw that someone else had. We’ve always wanted to be the best band that we’ve heard. Every band should genuinely believe that they’re the best band that they’ve heard, otherwise just give up right now. We know that people will come round to it.”

Full article by Emma Johnston, published in The Quietus, November 5, 2009

The band’s new single ‘Many of Horror’ was released in the UK on Monday.

Many of Horror live on T4


God and Satan Acoustic from German show Gästeliste



Photo Credit: Jana VN