Stuart Adamson on guitar. Paul Thompson on drums. Derek Forbes on bass. On vocals…? From almost a hundred suggestions we finally came up with this shortlist: Liz Fraser, Alex Harvey, Jim Kerr, King Creosote, Annie Lennox, Billy Mackenzie, Frankie Miller, Paolo Nutini, Bon Scott and Rod Stewart. Voting closes Jan 5, 2010.

Once again, thanks for all the suggestions. As you can imagine, it was a very difficult task to come up with a final shortlist. The poll to the right of this article is open now and will remain open until midnight on Tuesday January 5, 2010.

If you are reading this article after that, then unfortunately your vote wont count, but as always the comments section on this page will remain open and unedited forever.

For Alec Downie’s full list of great Scottish vocalists, have a look at his three articles (‘Best Female Vocalists’, ‘The Frontmen and Singers’, ‘The Popstars Troubadours and Rogues’). But for now, in alphabetical order, the Dear Scotland top ten are as follows:

Liz Fraser

“…she is an indie Super-heroine, who was born out of Punk and stole New Wave from her Grangemouth basis. She was going out with Jeff Buckley when he jumped in the Mississippi, she delivered Massive Attack’s finest moment and turned Tim Buckley’s ‘Song To The Siren’ into a national anthem.” Wan Clan Dan in comments


Alex Harvey

“…if you asked me, ‘who is the greatest ever Scottish frontman’, my answer would simply be ‘Alex Harvey’, and this article would be considerably shorter.” Alec Downie.


Jim Kerr

“Jim Kerr is by far the greatest ever singer and frontman in Scotland…no no I meant in the world. He is the one that has to win this.” Debbie Kerr in comments.


King Creosote

“Kenny (KC) has the unique ability to bare all in a song and the vocal dexterity to make sure his pain tears at your heart.” Alec Downie.

Annie Lennox

“If Scotland can lay claim to having one definitive “Diva” it is Annie Lennox… her solo career has seen her clutch an Oscar, numerous Brits and a glut of Grammys as she has effortlessly transitioned from being a pop-star into an international icon.” Alec Downie.


Billy MacKenzie

“For me, Billy Mackenzie by a country mile. Did Morrisey really write “William, it was really nothing” about him?” Kenny in comments.


Frankie Miller

“The widow of the late great Otis Redding reckoned: “That little ole white boy Frankie, has the blackest voice since Otis”. I rest my case!” Alec Downie.


Paolo Nutini

“Paolo Nutini has one of the greatest voices out there. Only 2 records, only 22 years old but He is brilliant!!!!” Angela in comments.


Bon Scott

“Its Bon Scott. How do I vote?” Innes in comments.


Rod Stewart

“It might not be a fashionable choice, but it would take something to beat Rod (in his prime) on this list.” Wee Jimmy in comments.


By the way, re: Bon and Rod, have a look at our “Are They Really Scottish List” by Kenny McColl.

We’ll have an article on the winner the day after the poll closes on Wednesday January 6, 2010.


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