Inevitably Alec’s ‘Who is…?’ article and the suggestions received through Facebook, Twitter and the comments section have caused further heated debate amongst the Dear Scotland contributors. It’s just as well most of us live in different countries. In the end, our final five are: Dominic Aitchison, Jack Bruce, Derek Forbes, Alan Gorrie, and Dougie Payne.The poll closes on Tuesday at midnight (EST).

Even if you are not a fan of one of the bands mentioned, we hope you will cast your vote for Scotland’s Greatest Ever Bassist to decide who will join guitarist Stuart Adamson and drummer Paul Thompson in Dear Scotland’s “greatest ever” supergroup.

If you are reading this article after December 8, 2009 then unfortunately your vote wont count, but the comments section on this page will remain open and unedited forever.

For Alec Downie’s full list of suggestions, have a look at last week’s article, but for now, in alphabetical order, the Dear Scotland top five are:

Dominic Aitchison (Mogwai)

“…throwing my hat in the ring for Dominic from Mogwai for his second-to-none bass riffage.” [James in comments]


Jack Bruce (Cream)

“Has to be Jack Bruce… an exceptional and innovative musician; he really brought the bass guitar to the fore!” [Bruce in comments]


Derek Forbes (Simple Minds)

“If you were to take his incredibly rhythmic and melodic lines out of the songs they would totally fall apart. In fact, many of the tracks on New Gold Dream are built around the bass. [Alan Thomas]


Alan Gorrie (The Average White Band)

“Alan Gorrie’s soulful vocals and percussive, syncopated basslines interact perfectly with Hamish Stuart’s funky, rhythmic guitar work” [Anonymous]


Dougie Payne (Travis)

“Playing pop well is an art and this Art School grad is one of the best.” [Alec Downie]


Next week: Alec’s mind is already close to exploding as he considers ‘Who is Scotland’s Greatest Ever Vocalist?’. So we may have to break that question down to male and female over the next few weeks just to preserve Mr. Downie’s noggin.

Photo Credit : DeeJayne