The View will be celebrating Hogmanay in Australia this year at the Falls Festival in Tasmania. The Dundonians have also announced dates in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth over the festive period after they headline the Homecoming Live concert in Glasgow at the end of this month. Ticket details below:

Appartently the guys have decided to ease off on the booze a bit to try and finish their third album:

The View ‘Feel Credit Crunch On New Album’

The View are feeling the credit crunch, so the band are self-producing their new album to help save the pennies.

The group have released two albums previously (‘Which Bitch?’ and ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’) and worked with Oasis producer Owen Morris on both records.

But this time around, the ‘Wasted Little DJs’ rockers are going DIY, when they enter the studio soon to record their third LP.

“We’re going to produce our next album to save money,” explains frontman Kyle Falconer, “a producer is so f***ing expensive.”

“To get our heads in the right frame we’ve cut down on what we’re drinking.”

Angry Ape, September 1, 2009

As previously mentioned, Kyle from The View and Paolo Nutini have talked about working together again and the two of them recently appeared together at the Caird Hall in Dundee to perform the song ‘Covers’. Video of that performance and a classic T in the Park moment below.

Kyle with Paolo


The View at T in the Park 2007


Nothing to do with The View, but another classic T in the Park moment nevertheless.


Photo Credit: 1965 Records