There really is no better way to describe X Lion Tamer than in Tony’s own words: “Sounds like the ending credits of low budget 80s teen movies – played on your mate’s Amiga.”

Signed to 17 Seconds Records, X Lion Tamer has two download singles to his name, recently compiled onto a four-track CD EP called Neon Hearts which is, I believe, available in various record shops around Edinburgh.

Every time I write about X Lion Tamer I find myself using the slightly insulting line “I shouldn’t like this”.  It’s not intended to be insulting though, it’s just that listening to the general sound, it’s not really like anything else in my music collection.  The sheer 80s disco-dancing nature of it is the very kind of sound which makes me take something of a step backwards immediately, and yet and yet and yet…

Well what it comes down to is the fact that it’s just infectious as fuck, I guess.  No matter how I want to classify it, it quite simply happens to be incredibly hummable and bouncy.  The songs themselves aren’t exactly frivolous, but the music is jaunty as hell and he has the kind of knack with a tune that means you only have to hear these songs once before you’ll recognise them pretty much instantly, and that’s no mean feat.


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