The Trashcan Sinatras were in the US this summer and on the morning after the last gig of their tour, the band travelled – somewhat dazed – to NYC to record a session. Video below, including an interview where the band reveal how they wooed next door neighbour Carly Simon to sing on their new album.

Despite some end of the tour weariness and with the help of some hard-working technicians, the band clearly warmed to the task, performing some beautiful songs for Spinner/aol and giving an interview in the chilly blast of the air conditioning.  

According to the band: “Imagine the Let It Be film without the narkiness”.

Got Carried Away

Easy on the Eye


I Hung My Harp Upon the Willows

In the Music

The Trashcan’s will be playing in the UK in November. Visit the Trashcan Sinatras website for details. The new album “In The Music” was released in the UK on September 14th. You can order it directly from the band here.

For viewers outside the US who are unable to view the videos they can also be seen here.

Photo credit: Ben Trivett, Spinner