Glaswegian band Twin Atlantic were in Austin earlier this year as part of the 2009 Scottish invasion at SXSW before they headed off to LA to record their debut album and get some new tattoos. The band will play two shows in Germany this month ahead of a headlining UK tour. Details below.

The band’s album Vivarium is out September 14. Twin Atlantic are certainly one of the buzz bands in Scotland at the moment and their intelligent use of social networking sites like Twitter and myspace has helped them to develop a sizable loyal fanbase already. Drummer Craig Kneale recently blogged about the band’s experience at this year’s T in the Park.

T in the Pizzle

After Guilfest we drove through the night from below London to above Glasgow – a Mr. Steven Kneale achieving hero status after doing a 6 hour stint. This would could come to haunt him later though, even heroes need to sleep eventually. I remember trying to sleep for most of this, waking up for half an hour and having an depth conversation with Mr. Chris Adam (who makes nice light displays for Twin Atlantic) about something and then falling asleep almost instantly. I remember waking up again to relieve myself of liquids stored in my body. I then remember waking up in Glasgow. And then I remember waking up in a field in Balado! T Time.

Myself and Stevie quickly set up our economical but quality tent in minutes – the Kneales know how to live in the wild. Never has a tent been assembled with such professionalism. Ross McNae was having all sorts of problems with his frankly shocking tent. I have spared him the embarrassment of pictorial evidence. We camped the same place we camped the year before – beside all the big gun tour buses. So anyone walking by may have also thought we were The Killers, or perhaps Blur? I went for another little sleepy in the tent of champions, a very bad idea on a hot day.

I awoke and thought I had maybe just been born, such was the shock of my surroundings. Sweaty and scared, I unzipped the tent and crawled out into daylight. Myself and Sam went to the backstage dressing rooms to revitalize our battered bodies. Genuinely the coldest shower i’ve ever been in. There was a point I thought my testicles had definitely inverted themselves back inside my body. Lots of incriminating noises came from both showers for the duration, so far it had been a day of assault on the senses. Kind of like torture (which I was for 6 months once, honest) set to a soundtrack of popular music. While in the back stage area we all took advantage of some free haircuts – and I also saw Lady GaGa in hot pants. Right on. Should also mention that the catering backstage was mind blowing. Like food that a man made of gold would say was “pure good”.

Went to watch our friends Sucioperro play the T Break Stage. Great vibes. Most rocking. After this we messed about til stage time, heading over to the stage slightly nervous. We tried out a new vibe with green paint across our eyes, I think it made us look like Teenage Mutant Turtles. Plus mine sweated off on stage – it kind of made it look like I was bleeding green. Like a turtle. The show went well, the amount of people there to see us was mind blowing. Ross got in a scuffle with a security guard near the end after jumping into the crowd, I think the security man thought he was some sort of hairy weekend camper rebel. The green face paint had also come out into a nice rash on my face. Never again boys.

After we played I went to meet my parents and watched most of The Killers set, great stuff. Returned to the tent to see everyone leaving! Only me and Barry stayed, getting crunked up into the night with the Sucio boys. The good times flowed until a torrential down pour around 2am sent us to our tents. Twin Atlantic sound engineer and all round fun man (and constant source of cruel jokes from me) Paul Hepburn stayed in my tent, and we shared a bedtime HobNob. That’s most definitely not a sexual reference. Literally an oaty McVities HobNob.



Photo Credit: Chelsea Cochrane