After a couple of years as Scotland’s best unsigned band, Broken Records finally released their debut album on the legendary 4AD label in June. The band play in Rotterdam this weekend and will visit Ireland and Germany later this summer. The Edinburgh band are also making plans for some US shows around the CMJ festival in the autumn.

Early review of Broken Records at the Liquid Rooms, May 7, 2007

Not a group I’ve heard of before, but one you’ll be hearing plenty of in time to come. It’s always a good sign to see a cello, accordion and a fiddle when a band is setting up, and these fellows didn’t disappoint. They also brought a hefty crowd of fans with them who only stayed for their gig, so presumably they’re a little more organised than their ramshackle American indie-folk might suggest.


The crowd was good news though, because there was a great atmosphere for their set, helped considerably by the energy of the music itself which can most lazily be described as Zach Condon’s Beirut playing contemporary, folk-tinged Americana. They seemed pretty comfortable together as a group of musicians, in that at various times the piano, then the accordion, then the cello and occasionally the xylophone would slip into prominence, and I think this may be what I liked best about their songs.


If they can maintain the sort of musical sprightliness they showed last night, and on their homemade CD-R I managed to get hold of after the gig, then they are most definitely ones to keep an eye on as they really could go places. There is an EP being put together for release, hopefully shortly, and I will certainly be buying a copy, so stay tuned.

Song by Toad

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