2008 marked the 40th Anniversary since the original four members of legendary rockers Nazareth got together back in Fife in 1968. The band have never really stopped touring and continue to play to devoted fans around the world. This summer the band will be in Canada before heading back to Eastern Europe.

In “Love Hurts” Nazareth have an uber ballad to match anyone and McCafferty`s impassioned delivery still raises the goose bumps. Believe it or not this is the very song that Axl Rose begged McCafferty to perform at his wedding to the now ex-Mrs Rose.

Staying with the Guns`n` Roses theme the penultimate song of the set “Hair of the Dog” was covered by Axl and Co on their covers album The Spaghetti Incident. With a cracking riff and clanking cowbell it’s easy to see why this song has become such a classic. What is surprising is that just a couple of weeks ago this very number was sitting at the top of the UK singles charts courtesy of the girl band Girls Aloud who’d swiped the riff and remixed it for their own use in “No No No”. Let’s hope that Dan and the boy’s get a good royalty from that and who knows the girls might even make a guest appearance in the next Nazareth video!!!

Closing the show with Tim Roses` “Morning Dew” and their very first single “Broken Down Angel” was a fitting end to a 40th Anniversary show that celebrated the past yet hailed the future.

It’s easy to see why Nazareth are still drawing crowds 40 years after their birth and why they have influenced many acts from the aforementioned Guns `n` Roses to Hanoi Rocks and Rose Tattoo with their unique blend of blue collar Rock `n` Roll mixed with a healthy dose of the Blues. On this form you can be sure there’s plenty more to come from Scotland’s finest over the coming years.

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