Scotland’s favourite Cockney Rod Stewart is heading back out on the road again in Ireland and Germany before heading over to North America this summer. Despite recent rumours of a Faces reunion including Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on bass, Rod will be sailing solo this time. 

Rod in Quotes:

On marriage certificates
They should be renewed annually, like dog licences (2001)

On his idol, Sam Cooke
Anything Sam did, I would do. Apart from getting shot in a hotel room by a hooker (1994)

On the lover who inspired “Maggie May”
She’ll be in her 60s now. Cor, what a dreadful thought (2008)

On Elton John
She doesn’t invite me to any of her dos, the miserable bugger (2003)

Shopping for antiques
Four grand? I could buy a new one for that (1975)

On Joanna Lumley
She was dead classy and I was dead common, so we got on like a house on fire (1997)

When his girlfriend Britt Ekland remarked that one of her films was on tv
Is it a talkie? (1976)

To guests at his wedding to Rachel Hunter
I’m as happy as a dog with two dicks (1990)

On his legendary tight-fistedness
I don’t mind buying one round of drinks. But I am bloody well not going to buy another (2008)

On moving on
Take 20 Valiums and have a stomach pump and that’s the end of it (1981)

On growing old gracefully
If I want to go out and take my trousers down in public I will do that until I’m 80 (1989)

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