Paolo Nutini looks likely to be Scotland’s next global star. Last night, his new album went straight to Number 1 in the UK Charts and later this week he commences a tour which will take him through Europe and North America.

Though some critics have been happily surprised as the soulfulness of Paolo’s new record, anyone familiar with his live performances over the past few years will know that there is more to the Paisley man than pop songs and a cheeky grin.  See the videos below for some of his best moments.

An old soul in handsome young guise, Nutini has the music in him. His joyous second album organically blends soul, country, folk and the brash, horny energy of ragtime swing.

The result is an eccentric blast, like some obscure lost classic from the Seventies, channelling Harry Nilsson, Alex Harvey, Otis Redding and Cab Calloway.

Telegraph rating: * * * * *

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