Mogwai are currently on tour: painting pictures in sound all over Europe.

Mogwai paint pictures in sound; no words needed. This makes them hellish hard to write about. Everything is in the ear of the beholder: I may hear sadness where you hear laughter. If writing about music really is akin to dancing about architecture, how can anyone hope to write about Mogwai? Which is why you shouldn’t be reading. It’s also why I shouldn’t be writing the text I’ve just told you not to bother reading. I pen hundreds of thousands of words each year, and sometimes feel I’m contributing to an ongoing problem. There are too many words in the world. We are bombarded by them. We pass by street-signs as we read our latest phone-texts, on our way to the shops with their proliferation of labels and adverts. Words scroll across our TV screens. They fill our style mags and free newspapers. They are plastered across our buses and phone-boxes. But words can lie and, hell, even at their best they lack precision….

…Glasgow remains the band’s hunting ground, providing a source of continuing inspiration – the sounds of urban fracture, of desperate nights, fights and high-rise love affairs….All I know is, eleven years in Mogwai still sound like the future, their five-strong core membership still the coolest gang in town

Ian Rankin

Mogwai continue their current tour tonight in Vienna. Full tour details below.