Vic has more on The Unwinding Hours this month who are currently blazing a trail through Europe. Tonight they’re in Switzerland, tomorrow they will be in Metz and they have just announced a last minute show in London on Friday. Full details of all Scottish gigs abroad on the Scotland on Tour page.

The Unwinding Hours, by Vic Galloway

After a moderately successful, critically-acclaimed and influential career in Glasgow rockers Aereogramme, Craig B and Iain Cook joined forces once again to make a superb debut as The Unwinding Hours in 2010. With no hopeless ambitions to be rock stars or take the world by storm, as wide-eyed teenagers might do, these seasoned professionals made a sweeping and emotive album that amazed newcomers and was embraced by Aereogramme fans.

I had them in session for my BBC Radio Scotland show and they toured far and wide to support the record. In 2012, they return with their sophomore effort and an album that easily follows up their dramatic debut.

With ‘Afterlives’ the songs sound more uplifting, concise and slightly lighter on the ears with hooks and melodies throughout underpinning Craig’s intimate and personal lyrics, inspired by his journey into the academia of ‘Theology and Sociology’.

At times heart-breaking and at others joyful, these tracks draw on 80’s indie, soul and rock but have a modern production aesthetic and an individual character, sounding unlike anyone else. Europe took Aereogramme and The Unwinding Hours to their heart, and so outside of Scotland there is probably nowhere better to see them in the world. Well worth a trip to France for I’d say!


Tickets for the Metz gig here.

Tickets for the Friday night gig at the Sebright Arms in London here.

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The Unwinding Hours – Solstice (KiFF Backstage Session)


The Unwinding Hours – The Dogs


The Unwinding Hours – Wayward




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Photo Credit: Daniel Davison