The South by Southwest madness has already started here in Austin with the Film and Interactive festivals and SXSW Music officially starts on Wednesday. From various sources I have compiled a list of 59 Scottish gigs over the next few days. My head is already spinning.

Some caveats on this list. First of all, day parties almost always run late, and band cancellations are frequent. For the latest information on each band’s whereabouts their twitter feeds may be the best place. All of those are compiled in this twitter list: . Secondly, the official showcases generally run on time but check for the latest information.

Some, but not all of these shows are featured on the massive free party lists here or here. You can also download the list below as a pdf here.

Thanks to the bands and bloggers who have been in touch with information, and if I’m missing something then email me or tweet.



Scottish Gigs at SXSW 2012

Django DjangoMarch 14MohawktbaAustinist Party
Django DjangoMarch 14Fader Fort2.50pmFader Fort
Django DjangoMarch 14Easy Tiger Patio12.00amScottish Showcase
Django DjangoMarch 16Flamingo Cantina12.00pmUnder the Radar party
Django DjangoMarch 17Flat Top2.00pmMusic for Listeners Party
Django DjangoMarch 17Latitude 3010.00pmHuw Stephens Party
French WivesMarch 13Bacon Restaurant10.00amBacon
French WivesMarch 13 Casa Chapala8.20pmSweet Tea Party
French WivesMarch 14Easy Tiger Patio10.00pmScottish Showcase
French WivesMarch 16Jovitas7.30pmJovitas Party
French WivesMarch 16Molotov11.00pmMolotov Party
Hudson MohawkeMarch 15Kung Foo Salon7.00pmKung Foo Salon
Hudson MohawkeMarch 16Fader Fort5.00pmFader Fort
Hudson MohawkeMarch 17Mad Decent PartytbaMad Decent Party
Hudson MohawkeMarch 17Beauty Ballroom6.00pmCheck Yo Block Party
Hudson MohawkeMarch 17 (Fri night)Empire Automotive1.00amShowcase (TNGHT w/ Lunice)
JackmasterMarch 14508 Housetba508 House Party
JackmasterMarch 15Fader Fort5.00pmFader Fort
JackmasterMarch 16Latitude 303.00pmScottish Day Party
JackmasterMarch 16Republic LivetbaSkream & Benga Present
JackmasterMarch 16Secret LocationtbaBoiler Room / RBMA
JackmasterMarch 17Republic LivetbaYoung Turks Party
The Jesus and Mary ChainMarch 15 (Thu night)The Belmont12.00amShowcase
Tango in the AtticMarch 13Bernadettes Bar2.00pmIndie Radio Rocks
Tango in the AtticMarch 14Easy Tiger Patio9.00pmScottish Showcase
Tango in the AtticMarch 15The Brew Exchange1.00pmsee now! Showcase
Tango in the AtticMarch 16Fuel Nightclub5.00pmMusic Gorilla Party
Tango in the AtticMarch 17Whip Inn12.00pmAustin Facial Hair Club
Three Blind WolvesMarch 13Radisson Hotel6.00pmRadisson Hotel
Three Blind WolvesMarch 14Easy Tiger Patio11.00pmScottish Showcase
Three Blind WolvesMarch 14 (Wed night)Maggie Mae's Rooftop1.00amShowcase
Three Blind WolvesMarch 15Beauty Bar3.00pmSweetwood Day Party
Three Blind WolvesMarch 15Flat Top7.00pmMusic for Listeners Party
Three Blind WolvesMarch 16Latitude 303.50pmScottish Day Party
Three Blind WolvesMarch 16 Jovitas7.00pmJovitas Party
The Twilight SadMarch 14Hype Hotel3.00pmSONG, BY TOAD PARTY
The Twilight SadMarch 15St. Cecilia Session
The Twilight SadMarch 15Beauty Bar2.45pmSweetwood Day Party
The Twilight SadMarch 16Hotel Vegas2.00pmBrooklyn Vegan Party
The Twilight SadMarch 16Latitude 305.30pmScottish Day Party
The Twilight SadMarch 17Club DeVille2.00pmAV Club Party
The Twilight SadMarch 17Red 7 Patio11.00pmShowcase
Twin AtlanticMarch 141100 Warehouse11.00pmShowcase
Twin AtlanticMarch 15Cedar Door2.30pmBelvita Brunch
Twin AtlanticMarch 15Driskill HoteltbaFuse + Sountracking VIP Lounge
Twin AtlanticMarch 15Latitude 3011.00pmShowcase
We Were Promised JetpacksMarch 14Red 75.30pmTerrorbird & Forcefield Party
We Were Promised JetpacksMarch 14 (Wed night)Easy Tiger Patio1.00amScottish Showcase
We Were Promised JetpacksMarch 15The Stage on SixthtbaSennheiser & Paste Party
We Were Promised JetpacksMarch 16Big Lot (1001 E. 5th)3.00pmMess With Texas
We Were Promised JetpacksMarch 17Club DeVille3.00pmAV Club Party
We Were Promised JetpacksMarch 17 (Sat night)Red 712.00amShowcase
WoodenboxMarch 14Easy Tiger Patio8.00pmScottish Showcase
WoodenboxMarch 15Caritas11.15amSouth by Soup Fest
WoodenboxMarch 16Jovitas9.15pmJovitas Party
The XcertsMarch 13Latitude 3010.00pmShowcase
The XcertsMarch 14Latitude 309.00pmShowcase
The XcertsMarch 16Latitude 304.40pmScottish Day Party

Detour’s Big Walk // Sixth Street @ SXSW 2011

Photo credit : John Rogers