“I will admit there have been times when I have wished that I had never entertained the idea of taking over Rangers,” you said in a public statement on Wednesday.

There are times when I wish the same: from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep.

A few weeks ago – pre-administration – I wondered if you were a “monumental chancer,” but dismissed the idea because I thought, well, no-one could really think they could get away with it, could they? It’s one thing to shaft the supporters of Portsmouth, but another thing altogether to rape Rangers – a club whose supporters use the Royal Mail to send bombs and bullets to rival managers.

But I was wrong. You must have a deathwish, because every time you open your mouth, you give some Bluenose vigilante more material to make your wish come true.

You said that you used your own money to pay off Lloyds. This is not true; the administrators said that the £24m received from the forward sale of season tickets was what paid off the bank. Even you yourself now admit this. And some of that money is still not accounted for. Where is it?

You said you would invest a net transfer spend of £5m per year. You haven’t even come close. Before the January window closed, just as we received £6m for our top striker, we signed Mervan Celik on a free. Did you ever intend to spend?

You say you haven’t reneged on paying VAT and PAYE since your takeover, and that half of the £9m unpaid tax figure being bandied about relates to a pre-existing tax case. But what about the other half, Craig? And why did the administrators – appointed by the court – specifically say this £9m arrears was the reason for administration?

You say that claims you’ve acted illegally or just to make a quick and dirty profit are “clearly ludicrous.” But how can anyone tell, when you haven’t published any accounts since your takeover? Even now you won’t explain why you gave notice of your intent to put the club into adminstration – the act which precipitated this whole sad mess. The only thing more absent from the club than any investment from you is some transparency around the club’s financial situation.

You say Rangers would have gone into administration even without your involvement, as the club could not afford losses of £15m per year. Yet the debt shrank from £30m to £18m in the two years before your arrival. How does that square with the numbers you’re bandying around?

You say “like other Rangers fans, I don’t do walking away.”

I really wish you would.