I haven’t been all that excited by new Scottish bands for a while, so it’s quite nice to see some more interesting ones emerging again.

Plastic Animals are Edinburgh based and have apparently been going for ages, but have only recently acquired a manager, who has basically been whipping them into shape to get their tunes out there, get releasing stuff and get bloody playing.

They have an EP launch at Sneaky Pete’s in July with the rather excellent Paws, and this is a gig I will be attending with considerable interest.  There’s not much to know about them so far, but they keep allowing interesting things to trickle out via their Tumblr site.

The latest is the really rather excellent Test, which I happened across today.  I friend of mine asked if I was listening to the new King Creosote and Jon Hopkins album, and that’s kind of what it sounds like – a really slow, dreamy atmosphere, plenty of hiss and drone, and lovely vocals.  Some of their other stuff is a bit more guitary – more in the standard pop song vein, I suppose you could say – and sometimes a pleasant afternoon daydream away from shoegaze.

I don’t really know enough about this band to get too giddy just yet, but they seem really promising, and if they can build on the excellence of Test then they could well be ones to keep an eye on.


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