Mogwai were due to return to NYC this week with label mates Errors for two shows at Webster Hall, however news reached us late today that due to “visa issues”, the first 5 gigs of the tour have been postponed. More here. The first date of the tour should be in Montreal next week:

Errors in New York Montreal (with Mogwai)
by Vic Galloway

Signed to Mogwai’s ever-dependable but eclectic lable ‘Rock Action’ records, Errors are a Glasgow band with fingers on many pulses. Post-rock guitar-scapes reminiscent of their label bosses’ oeuvre bump into glitchy electronica and thumping bass-heavy club grooves to enlighten your ears and get your feet shuffling. Like Mogwai, they’re an instrumental band but rather than using extended, drawn-out passages of music they tend to keep to short, sharp bursts of sound that you could almost call ‘songs’.

Those of you who are searching for something different, these guys may well be for you. Their sound combines post-rock and electronic influences whilst remaining hugely melodic and retaining a pop suss. The mix is addictive and yet has enough curveballs to stay interesting and agile.

Nowadays they’re an awesome live band, so catch them opening for Mogwai in the Big Apple Montreal or anywhere else for that matter.

Also on tour this week: Mogwai, Fish, Big Country, Nazareth, North Atlantic Oscillation and Sandi Thom.

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Errors – Magna Encarta


Scotland on Tour this week

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