It has become something of a tradition, on the Sunday following South by Southwest, for the visiting Scots to convene here at Dear Scotland HQ for the recording of a margarita infused podcast, and then to go bowling. And so it came to pass:

Please note that the video includes the usual amount of swearing and is overflowing with drunken rambling. And a chicken shitting. And Vic Galloway body-popping.

And although the podcast got off to a stuttering start, it actually sounded quite good. You can listen below.


Song, By Toad: SXSW Video Diary Part 5

The highlights of the final Sunday of SXSW were Chicken Shit Bingo (no really, I’m serious), a night of bowling and margaritas at The Highball, and the somewhat surreal experience of recording the annual Song, by Toad SXSW review podcast with Vic Galloway, Peej from Dear Scotland and Stuart from Creative Scotland whilst surrounded by a BBC camera crew.

I’ll be honest, the cameras were a little unnerving to begin with, but it’s funny how quickly you learn to ignore them. There’s even an outside chance the recording of our podcast will make the final cut for the documentary itself, which is initially being made for BBC2 Scotland and BBC3, with the hopes of expanding to BBC2 nationwide, the SXSW film festival next year, and I am not sure what else.

SXSW 2011 Day 5 Video Diary from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.



Toadcast #166 – The Tequilacast

Last year, several margaritas the worse for wear, we sat down with Ben from Instinctive Racoon, Stuart from Creative Scotland, Vic Galloway from BBC Radio Scotland and Peej from Dear Scotland, and recorded a ramshackle, lurching podcast about the fun of the week.

This year, perhaps goaded into something bordering on professionalism by the presence of the BBC camera crew who have been following Vic around all week, things were a little smoother.  Although this may also have been related to the fact that the margarita-hoovering didn’t actually start until afterwards this time. Ben wasn’t here this time, but we did have myself, Peej, Vic and Stuart sharing a beverage on Peej’s back porch and talking something approaching the usual gubbins.

Oh, and the Detour Scotland Big Walk video we mention in the podcast can be found here.

Direct download: Toadcast #166 – The Tequilacast

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